daylilies on sale amador flower farm

Amador Flower Farm Daylilies now on Sale

amador flower farm daylilies

My husband got it into his head that we should go buy Amador Flower Farm daylilies yesterday, since they were on sale. Not sure what prompted this but it probably has something to do with the fact that I sprayed RoundUp in our back flower garden on purpose. We had too much grass and a ton of weeds growing in that bed. Nobody weeded it. I tried to bribe the gardeners to take care of that bed, but they don’t give a crap, either. Our back yard looks terrible since I stopped fussing over it. There was a time long ago that my husband and I both used to work tirelessly in the gardens, and our yard looked fabulous.

Now, it just looks tired. We both work and travel too much. No Martha Stewart here.

amador flower farm daylilies

But what about lunch? That was also my husband’s concern. Probably that we’d get stuck in the Amador foothills with nothing available but stripmall lunch counters. One such restaurant popped into my head. My friend Myrl had been to Sloughhouse Inn not too long ago, and that was on our way to get Amador Flower Farm daylilies. Yup, we’d drive right through Sloughhouse.

amador flower farm daylilies

We drove around in circles a few times because I did not realize the Sloughhouse Inn was under new ownership as the Meadowlands Restaurant. Finally, we figured out it was the only restaurant within miles. Had to be the one. So we grabbed a spot on the back deck for brunch. My husband had a scrambled egg dish with broken pieces of tortillas, chorizo: a chilaquiles. I opted for a spicy Bloody Mary to complement my patchwork salad with shrimp. The salad featured strawberries, corn, golden raisins, romaine, peppers, radicchio, cheddar and a vinaigrette dressing. Two thumbs up for this restaurant!

amador flower farm daylilies

I also peeked over the deck to view the dry slough. For which I guess Sloughhouse was named. And yes, you can see my reflection in my sunglasses trying to shoot a selfie. I shoot awful selfies. When I see people shooting selfies with those selfie sticks, I want to break that stick over their heads. Mostly, I’m opposed to selfies on principle.

amador flower farm daylilies

Look at all those Amador Flower Farm daylilies! They also sell bare root but primarily through online orders. Since we were already there in person, and not in a position to dig, we elected to take the pots. Daylilies are flowers that generally produce one flower a day and then it dies.  Some are capable of blooming twice. They are not traditional lilies, like Asian lilies or Tiger lilies.

I queried my husband. Who did he think was planning to dig up the dead weeds? He volunteered. That would mean getting out of bed at the crack of dawn to start digging. Before it gets hot. Somehow I don’t see that happening. So, we will see if those flowers ever make it into the back flower bed. We did, however, manage to bring back a trunk full of Amador Flower Farm daylilies to our home in Land Park. Since my husband has a plan for that back garden, he’s got carte blanche to implement it.

The only bummer thing about the drive out to the Amador Flower Farm from Sacramento is loss of cellphone reception. Pretty dead on that stretch of Highway 16 and up 49. Hard to talk about Sacramento real estate when there are no cell towers.

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