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Multi-Focal vs Monovision Contact Lenses When You’re Over 45

pet-friendly-home-listingsAt the risk of sounding like Billy Graham, I can see again — it’s like a rebirth. OK, maybe it’s more like Jimmy Cliff or Johnny Nash, thinking about little-boy-names that grown men call themselves, because I can see clearly now. This is super exciting. I was so thrilled yesterday with my results that I immediately called a real estate agent on the East Coast, Chris Ann Cleland, to thank her for suggesting I try multi-focal contact lenses. They are incredible. My 20 / 20 vision has been restored.

The funny part is I should have done this years ago, made the switch and joined the converts of the multi-focal vs monovision campaigns, but I wasn’t even aware there was another choice. I wore monovision for almost 20 years. Every year I would go to UC Davis for my eye exam and they’d write another prescription for monovision, which was getting progressively worse year to year. Nobody at UC Davis ever discussed options. They are too busy just lining up patients at the door and pushing them through the system. UC Davis also quit handling contact lenses at the Ellison Building over on Y Street. Plus, they’re often overbooked and send me down into the basement for my appointment.

For those reasons and more, I changed eye doctors and now see a guy in Midtown Sacramento at MVT in the Glen Dairy building. When I asked about multi-focal vs monovision, the guy examining my eyes admitted he wears the dailies and likes them. Imagine, never again cleaning contact lenses at night, dropping them on the floor, searching frantically like the blind person you are on hands and knees and finding only matted clumps of cat hair. Never buying contact lens solution again. Never putting your contact lense in your eye inside out, ouch.

Yeah, it’s more expensive than 2-week or 30-day lenses, but you know what? I’m worth it.

My eye doctor was astonished when I experienced the immediate reaction of complete elation. He couldn’t believe I could read the top paragraph on his reading card. Both eyes now see the same thing. There is no distortion and no problem with depth perception. I guess this means I can probably safely park my car next to a curb again.

For me, the comparison of multi-focal vs monovision is a no brainer. Multi-focal clearly wins. Regaining sight. It’s such a beautiful thing.

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