First-Time Home Buyers in Sacramento Just Closed on Anna Way

first-time home buyers in Sacramento

All kudos in this transaction have to go to the selling agent, Julie Reardon, a Lyon Realtor, for making sure her first-time home buyers in Sacramento got their home. Julie did everything right. In fact, if it wasn’t for Julie, I’m fairly certain her buyers would not have been able to buy this home. It was her attitude that made all of the difference. She was upbeat, positive and earnest, presenting her buyers in the best light possible while remaining respectful of the situation and the sellers.

She also persuaded me to want to work with her. No easy feat somedays in this business, LOL. I can be stubborn and grouchy. This was not a circumstance of bulldozing her way into a purchase offer, either. Quite the opposite.

I listed this home on Anna Way from our second home in Hawaii last month. Although my team member Josh Amolsch sold the home to the sellers, I had not seen it yet, apart from photographs. There was quite a bit wrong with the house. Deferred maintenance. The pest report was not pretty.

On top of this, I’m not sure any of the occupants in the home spoke much English except for the Cambodian seller. He had his parents living with him, and 3 little girls, and his wife. His hands were full. He also owned a bakery in the city of Davis, but people were not buying luxury doughnuts anymore. So he planned to move to Maine. Haul his entire family to Maine. I only hope they are not in for a shock when it snows and blizzards set in. Having traveled to Cambodia, I have a special soft spot in my heart for Cambodian immigrants trying to make it in America.

The lender had asked for a copy of the pest report, and my heart began to sink. Oh, no. I thought for certain they would want all of that work completed. Our agreement between the parties was the home would be sold AS IS unless the lender required repairs. In that event, the seller would cure any defaults demanded by the buyer’s lender.

Fortunately for the seller, the only thing the bank insisted we fix was a leak behind the shower. It meant removing drywall. Drying out the area. Repairing the leak. Treating the wood. Replacing the drywall. And it was almost $1,800 to fix, not nearly the total amount on the pest report, though. At least these first-time home buyers in Sacramento do not have to deal with a stinky bath anymore.

These buyers had been evicted after living in their home for 16 years. Their landlord decided to sell the house and evidently not to them. They have 2 children of their own plus they care for 2 other kids. They needed an affordable home, and there are not very many homes on the market anymore that suit the needs of first-time home buyers in Sacramento.

Julie downplayed her experience, saying she has not been in the business as long as I have and welcomed any tips I could give her. She doesn’t need tips. Ha! She’s doing a great job. There aren’t many agents with the kind of longevity I have in the business but it doesn’t mean agents without as much experience are any less effective. No siree. Julie is a perfect example of a fabulous Sacramento Realtor who wants what is best for her clients and it shows.

Congratulations, Julie, on a smooth closing.

2512 Anna Way, Sacramento, CA 95821 closed escrow on July 30th at $230K.



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