climate change in sacramento in 2080

Climate Change in Sacramento by 2080

climate change in 2080

Obviously, this photo is not climate change in Sacramento by 2080, but it is a photo of the ocean as viewed from Kona Haven Coffee on the island of Hawaii, where I happen to be at the moment. Waves have been seriously pounding the wall at Kailua Village over the past few days. Winds are atrocious. Sudden 25 mph gusts. Not a good time to hang capiz windchime shells on the lanai. The wind was so strong yesterday that I worried it would blow my laptop off my table outside.

And then I read this AP story. A study published in the journal Nature Communications says children today may still be alive to witness the dramatic effects of climate change. The climate change in Sacramento by 2080 could mean we will see temperatures like those in Southern California. The lead author, Matt Fitzpatrick, says the climate in 540 cities on average will move 528 miles to the south if we don’t take action today.

I know what some of you are thinking, Orange County or even San Diego is not so bad. But it won’t be coastal weather. It will be inland, desert-like and HOT. What can you eat that grows in the desert? How about cactus?

If we do take action and the world decides to cut back on carbon dioxide emissions, we can reduce that distance down to maybe 319 miles by 2040. Still, climate change in Sacramento by 2080 is worrisome. All over the world extreme things are happening with our weather. What used to be normal is not normal anymore.

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