cinnamon spotted ocicat

Help Name Our New Ocicat Kitten

New kitty on tub

New Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Kitten

She’s a little rascal, sweet, very loving, a loud purrer and she insists on rubbing her nose across your cheek to say hello. Or maybe that’s just her way of saying you belong to her. This kitten was born on June 15th; she is a chocolate spotted Ocicat. These are the smartest cats in the world. They are bred from a cross of Siamese, American shorthair and Abyssinian, I believe. We have to figure out a good name for her. My husband pooh-poohed my idea, that of naming her Patty Mewes.


Ashli the Persian 1976-1990

We brought her home last night from the breeder in Auburn. Pica ran and hid under the bed when we put her carrier on the living room floor. Jackson slinked about, growled a little bit, and would not come near the carrier. Eventually, though, Pica’s curiosity got the better of him, and after we tossed a few kitty treats on the floor, he poked his nose into the carrier, all the while the little kitty purred and purred.


Brandon the Somali, 1991- 2010

We kept them separated last night in another bathroom. This way they can play footsie under the door, and our two cats can get used to a third cat in the house. It’s always a little touch and go when introducing new cats to each other.

Before we do that, I thought you might like to see my history of cats. First is Ashli. He was a Persian. My mother used to tell me that if anything ever happened to me, she wanted Ashli to come live with her. Not me, mind you, just the cat. Ashli died in 1990 at age 14 from kidney disease. It took me more than a year before I was ready for a new cat. I carried his photo in my wallet for years after he died.


Pica the Chocolate Silver Classic Ocicat, 2002-

But, then came Brandon, the Somali, who lived with me from 1991 to 2010. He put up with my husband but he was my cat and did not like anybody else. I never thought I would love another cat as much as Ashli until I met Brandon. It’s funny how those things can happen. Brandon died from kidney disease, but he was almost 20.

Next, Pica came to live with us. He is a chocolate silver classic Ocicat, no spots. He is marbled, so they don’t show them, which is why the breeder was anxious to find him a good home. Pica came to live with us New Year’s Day in 2003. He’s such a good natured cat, and his fur is soft as velvet.

Olympia "Pia" Cinnamon Spotted Ocicat

Olympia “Pia” Cinnamon Spotted Ocicat 2004-2013

Pia came from the same breeder as Pica. She had 3 or 4 litters and then the breeder retired her. Pia died a few months ago from a blood clot, and our hearts and Pica’s heart were broken. The two of them had been inseparable. This is part of the reason we decided to bring home a new kitten in hopes that Pica will bond with his new sister.

Jackson-June 2011

Jackson, the Flamepoint Ragdoll 2011-

Jackson the Ragdoll, on the other hand, was born in San Diego. He is a flamepoint Ragdoll. I flew down to San Diego on Southwest, got off the plane to pick up Jackson, and got back on the next flight home. I was hoping he would be an extremely affectionate cat, and while he is perfectly lovable when it suits him, he is not what I would call a terribly affectionate cat. He is also not as smart as other cats. For example, he will spend a long time digging in a corner as though he can dig to China. Corners confuse him.

Our new kitty was raised with Ragdolls in the house, so we are hoping she will adjust to Jackson and Pica will love her as well. She’s already inched her way into our hearts. At the moment, her name is “new kitty.” Any ideas?

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