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New Listing: Designer Home in Bridgeway Island of West Sacramento

home in bridgeway island

3380 Guadelupe St, West Sacramento, 95691 is for sale by Elizabeth Weintraub at Lyon Real Estate.

The only thing that brightens my day more than being able to present this gorgeous designer home in Bridgeway Island to you is knowing that there seems to be no end of dark clouds following Trump around as he continues to dig his own grave. Just once it would be nice to not read daily his name blowing up headlines, destroying yet other American institution, ripping up the earth, stomping on progressive values, groping women, kicking little guys when they’re down and insulting all human intelligence. So for just two minutes, let’s take a gander at a beautiful, serene, and peaceful home in Bridgeway Island where that kind of crap does not exist.

This is a zen-like four-bedroom home. You feel that energy the minute you walk up the low rising flagstone steps toward the stone entry. To the left is a Tamukeyama, a small deciduous Japanese maple whose spring greenery morphs into fiery red in the fall. I call this a designer home because the sellers invested time and expertise to choose just the right custom blend of colors, interior and exterior, that speak to the environment and nature. Much of the flooring is environmentally friendly cork, which is very soft on the feet.

Home in Bridgeway Island

Formal dining is located off the kitchen at 3380 Guadelupe St.

It’s a fairly open floor plan. From the entry, a formal dining room is to the left, featuring a recessed ceiling and stunning chandelier, and to the right is a formal living room with cutouts to allow a view to the family room. If you’re like most people, you’ll enter the family room, take note of the fireplace and then make a beeline for the gorgeous back yard. You’ll come back later to visit the kitchen and bedrooms, but that back yard has your name all over it. You can’t wait.

home in Bridgeway Island

Professionally landscaped, custom back yard with spa, deck, waterfall and pond.

So, don’t wait. Open the door and go outside. Go on, it’s OK. You can have dessert first. Step onto the stamped concrete. Walk over to the custom raised deck and built-in spa to admire the waterfall and pond. Breathe in the fragrance of yellow lilies. Touch the bottlebrush and feel its petals. Appreciate the non-invasive bamboo, gaze upon the Chinese Pistache tree, trident maple, bay laurel, river birch tree, pineapple guava tree and Meyer lemon tree. Sit under a shade tree and relax in the lounge chair. This could all be yours.

home in bridgeway island

Family room features entertainment area with fireplace, close to the kitchen.

Come back into the house and what do you see? Extra cabinets built into the kitchen, including cabinets that house a new double oven. A dining bar in the kitchen, a walk-in pantry and a breakfast nook. What is that around the corner? A separate laundry room with hookups and more cabinets. Does the storage in this Bridgeway Island home ever stop? I guess not.

home in bridgeway island

Built-in gas cooktop with extra cabinets and pantry closet.

But wait until you see the master suite. Bellissimo! A rocambolesco experience. Yes, that’s hand-finished Venetian plaster on the walls, topped by polished wood crown molding. Feel the walls and the craftsmanship. The master enjoys its own private patio, too, and is situated toward the back of the home, away from the other 3 bedrooms. My team member Josh loves the master bath so much he might duplicate some of those design elements in his own home.

home in Bridgeway Island

Master suite boasts hand-finished Venetian plaster, crown molding and ceiling fan.

It’s everything you want. An oasis in the middle of ordinary homes in Bridgeway Island in West Sacramento. Close enough to get you downtown Sac in 10 minutes. Located at the end of new construction, it’s also near enough to encourage a quick weekend trip to visit Clarksburg wineries. Shopping centers and grocery stores are nearby.

Come to our open house on Sunday, May 21st, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM, hosted by the incredible Josh Amolsch from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team. 3380 Guadelupe Street, West Sacramento, CA 95691 is offered exclusively by Elizabeth Weintraub and Lyon Real Estate at $445K. Call 916.233.6759 for more information.

Before you go, take a peek into the 3-car garage. Yup, there’s a utility sink in the garage. Wish I had a utility sink in my home.  Do yourself a favor and watch the virtual tour of this home in Bridgeway Island.



Some West Sacramento Realtors Scratching Heads Over This Closing

west sacramento realtors

Sellers should research West Sacramento Realtors before hiring a listing agent.

Some West Sacramento Realtors do not like it when a top producer agent takes a home off the market and puts it back as a new listing. They tend to get their knickers in a twist. You know who does like it? The sellers. Sellers love to see their home show up as a brand new listing in MLS. Of course, the cumulative days on market still show, but that doesn’t mean much because the home could have been listed with a different brokerage previously, and it would show the same days. It’s only the present days on market that really matter.

It’s all an illusion anyway. Yet, agents complain to MetroList. Why does Elizabeth Weintraub get to do this, they whine.

As a top producer agent among West Sacramento Realtors, I use this allowable MLS practice to my sellers’ advantage, and if other agents don’t like it, that’s not anybody’s problem but their own toe fungus. I don’t really understand their objections. They can examine the history of the property. We aren’t hiding anything. They can ask questions. Why do they care? Do they care because they didn’t think of it?

The person I care about is my seller.

When this particular seller came to me, she expected to get a higher sales price for her home in West Sacramento. I was in Spain at the time, so my team member talked with the seller, and she and I communicated via email. Yes, even while on vacation I stay on top of my Sacramento real estate business. In fact, the sales price she expected was about $100,000 too high. Yowza. Sometimes, sellers see a home that sold at an extraordinary price but fail to take into consideration the home is 3 times bigger or maybe waterfront. So, without enough information, they wrongly determine a price that does not fit their home.

My team member told this seller: put Elizabeth Weintraub’s name into Google and see how many pages come up, almost a half-million entries. Read her articles published by The Balance and previously on Check out her blog. Look at her track record, it spans four decades. Read her reviews. So, the seller stopped communicating with other West Sacramento Realtors and chose the Elizabeth Weintraub Team.

After we were in escrow, the buyers, ignoring caution from this side of the transaction, decided to ask the seller to take care of plumbing leaks, repair a few other things and to install an air gap on the kitchen sink. You never know what sort of things a buyer will get upset over, but an air gap? For those of you who do not know, an air gap is that little round thingamajig sitting on your kitchen sink that prevents a possible backdraft of dirty dishwater from a clogged drain, which may not ever happen, btw. However, it’s cheap to install, less than $200. Not something to lose a house over.

The seller lives out of state. She was not paying for repairs, and I had warned the agent this was an AS IS sale, but agents often feel inclined to try because they do not want to further upset their buyers. They want to help yet may feel helpless. Among some West Sacramento Realtors, it is easier to draw a Request for Repair, which the seller will reject and can cause temper flares, than to explain why it’s not a good idea. What some buyer’s agents do not realize is their buyers can tick off the seller with this sort of thing, and any favors the buyers may expect go right out the window. Human nature.

My job is to keep everybody calm and moving toward closing. We rejected the repair request. Further, this home closed escrow without any hiccups and at the price we had predicted. If you’re searching West Sacramento Realtors to find a strong listing agent, please call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759.

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