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Sacramento Real Estate at the End of August is Busy as Ever

Sacramento real estate at the end of august

Landing at Kailua-Kona airport on Hawai’i Island.

Sacramento real estate at the end of August is generally a bit slower this time of year. Kids go back to school, the weather is still so danged hot nobody wants to venture outside, and we prepare for Labor Day weekend. Not this August. Of course, leaving town to work from my other house in Hawaii is always a good idea no matter when I go. I never regret that action. Would you? If you could do the same work at your desk in Sacramento or on a lanai with an ocean view, which would you choose?

The main problem for me yesterday with staying on top of Sacramento real estate at the end of August was the travel time from Sacramento to Hawaii. It’s 5 hours. Five long hours without internet. I don’t know why Hawaiian Airlines does not offer WiFi but it doesn’t. In some ways, it’s an oddity to decompress. I watched 3 movies, too. If it wasn’t for Joan Cusack and Wanda Sykes, that Snatched movie with Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn would have fried my brain.

Going in Style was a breezy sort of flick, predictable, cute and I like the fact that guys almost 80 can star in a movie, including Ann Margret, but I would not recommend the movie. Then it was on to Boss Baby. Let’s just say I watched it so you don’t have to. Mindless entertainment without internet, I tell ya.

When we landed in Honolulu, I received 2 more listings referrals. One of my former clients who moved to Atlanta to further his TV news career texted an urgent request about an emergency listing for me. A home I just put on the market received a full-price offer, which I forwarded to the seller. And another buyer flaked because she found a home she liked better than the home she was in escrow to buy.

I thought about all of this flurry of activity that took place prior to boarding the island hopper to Kona. I’m happy that I’m busy. Even if Sacramento real estate at the end of August is a bit busier than usual, I’m grateful for my team. Plus, I can count on them to install lockboxes while I’m away. There have been trips when I’ve taken more listings that week than from my home in Land Park the previous month. You will never hear a complaint from me.

sacramento real estate at the end of august

Shoreline and coral reef near Kailua-Kona airport.

Most people don’t realize that with all of the technology available today, an agent can really work from anywhere. When the plane approached Kona, you could see the reef and the water change colors. The photo at the top is landing at the airport. I know, it’s not what you think when you think of Hawaii, but much of Big Island is Pahoehoe and Aa. It’s beautiful in its own way.

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