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How to Fix the Touchpad in Windows 10 for Boot Camp

fix trackpad windows 10

Now everybody can fix the touchpad in Windows 10 for Boot Camp

Before my Windows upgrade, I never had to worry about how to fix the touchpad in Windows 10 for Boot Camp because the trackpad was working fine. I am not an early adopter for upgrades anyway. My husband believes, and I agree, it’s often better to wait until the upgrade produces an update, which fixes the bugs in the upgrade, because almost every major corporation releases new technology before it’s ready, just to capture your dollars. It’s the American way. Sell them junk and fix it later.

For that reason, I held off on upgrading to Windows 10 until a few weeks ago. It pains me that I am forced to use Windows 10 because I do not like working on a PC. I prefer my Apple products. Apple customer since 1991. Less hassle. More reliability. However, the only software in the world it seems that financial institutions allow downloads from works in that capacity primarily only in Windows. The Mac version sucks. My husband thinks I should buy a $200 DELL and forget about Boot Camp and my Touchpad in Windows 10, and other issues that undoubtedly will arise.

trackpad windows 10 boot camp

Elizabeth Weintraub checking email in Maui.

But for now, I have a state-of-the-art Mac Pro laptop that I take with me on vacation, as evidenced by this photo a couple of years ago in Maui, when Barbara Dow and I scored a top-floor suite at the Fairmont Kea Lani. If my laptop wasn’t a wor-cation computer, I wouldn’t care if the touchpad in Windows 10 worked at all, but since I take it with me for weeks on end, if I forgot to cart along a plug-in mouse, I’d be hosed if I needed to access financial data. I searched everywhere online for a solution and could not find it, so I do what I always do in those instances, and I picked up the phone.

Yes, the phone works. You get real live people connected to it if you keep screaming at the automated voice prompts: representative. This was originally written in March 2016 but I have since upgraded and found the problem recreated itself.

Here is How to Fix the Touchpad in Windows 10 for Boot Camp

Updated September 28, 2016

First make sure your computer is updated, both Windows software and Apple. Restart.

>Go to Settings

>Connected Devices

>Device Manager


>Select Browse my Computer.

Then click on Let me pick from a list of devices on my computer. Then choose the USB, the second option, and bingo. The trackpad in Windows 10 works.

The reason why this is so difficult to find online, I suspect, is because the touchpad problem seems to only affect users in Boot Camp. Most people don’t use Boot Camp anymore because there is no reason to ever touch a Windows machine, well, unless you use it to download financial transactions from major banking institutions. I will also add this comment, Citibank no longer allows downloads, which is the main reason I have stopped using that particular Double Your Cash Back card. That was not a wise decision, I suspect, on Citibank’s part. But that bank is so risk adverse it has stopped using email, except for internal communications.

I thanked the guy at Apple profusely. He said, I’m just an IT guy. He was too modest. No way, I assured him, you are a miracle worker! I hope his advice helps others as well to fix the touchpad in Windows 10.

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