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About Selling Homes in Elk Grove

Sacramento-home-for-sale.300x225There are some things I know about that I do not care to know such as Simon Cowell got his best friend’s wife pregnant and why Aretha Franklin, the beloved godmother of soul, doesn’t quite trust modern medicine, but there are other things I know that carry significance, especially about Sacramento real estate and selling homes in Elk Grove. Now, having an almost 40-year career in real estate, I can tell you that it’s very common for clients to have a different idea of what an agent should do to market their home than what an agent believes is the best course of action.

That’s OK, because I go with the flow. I want happy clients. I want more referrals coming to this Sacramento real estate agent, and unhappy clients generally don’t give referrals. It is the referrals and 5-star reviews that keep the doors to my business open. When I’m selling homes in Elk Grove, I want those Elk Grove sellers ecstatic!

But yesterday I elected to make an exception. A seller asked if I would put a box of fliers on the post outside of her home in Elk Grove. I could do it but it would be pointless. It was good that I took the time to explain my reasoning because the seller agreed. Here are few reasons why it’s not a very good idea to put out flyers when selling homes in Elk Grove:

  • The home in Elk Grove is located on a cul-de-sac off a quiet street so walk-by traffic is unlikely.
  • We want potential buyers to call us. That’s why my Elk Grove office phone number is front and center on the gigantic For Sale sign, followed by a rider with my cellphone number, and another rider with the cellphone number for an Elizabeth Weintraub team member.
  • Kids often swipe flyers.
  • My Virtual Agent system attached to the for sale sign gives potential buyers many opportunities to get information. They don’t even have to call an agent or talk to an agent. By calling an 800#, all data is sent as a virtual tour to their cellphones. They can text a code, just like American Idol, and all data is sent as a virtual tour to their cellphones. Or, they can take a picture of the QR code with their cellphone and all data is sent automatically to their cellphone.
  • But probably an unexpected reason is the home will be sold by the time we get out there with a box of flyers.

If you’re thinking about selling a home in Elk Grove, call an experienced Elk Grove agent, Elizabeth Weintraub, at 916 233 6759. The Elizabeth Weintraub Team was just named by Real Trends as one of the top 25 best real estate teams in California.

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