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Sell Your Home

This article below about how to sell your home using sizzling advertising words was previously written by my partner, Elizabeth Weintraub, for another website. This classic advertising advice is timeless, Enjoy. — JaCi

“There is an art to writing attention-grabbing headlines and stimulating ad copy, but I suspect some agents are so busy taking listings these days that few stop to give more than a few moment’s thought to their advertising copy. In older neighborhoods, for example, often the type of home is misidentified. Sometimes I see high-water bungalows identified as Victorians or a Four-Square called a bungalow. That shows the agent is clueless. On top of that, I see lots of ad copy that is vanilla and boring.

That’s not to say a seller or the agent should overstate or make the home sound grander than it is, because buyers will spin a 180 and walk out if they feel misled. It’s important to pick out the top features and play up those benefits in ad copy. Moreover, don’t violate Fair Housing Laws. I had an agent insist it was perfectly acceptable to write that the home was located within walking distance of a popular synagogue. That sentence contains two violations that can carry steep fines.

Fair Housing Compliance

And then there’s the law. You’ll want to stay on top of this, too. The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, disabilities, or familial status. You don’t want to say anything in your ad that even alludes to these issues.  If you have a real estate agent or attorney, ask him to review your ad to be sure that it complies with federal fair housing laws before you publish it. ”

If you would like to sell your home and have an advertisement copy that offers sizzling content about your property, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.

Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub
Weintraub & Wallace

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