Sex, Real Estate Agents and Exclamation Points

I woke up late this morning because my cats let me sleep in. See, no exclamation point at the end of that sentence. Even though sleeping in was a very unusual thing to happen to me, even on a Sunday. I’m always up by 5 AM and writing. Except for the days I am not. I didn’t use an exclamation point in that sentence because it didn’t deserve an exclamation point. It was a bit profound but not profound enough to warrant an exclamation point.

I read a blog this morning on an agent website all about how real estate agents should use as many exclamation points as they possibly can because, because, I dunno, because they are completely unable to use words? Or, maybe it’s because they are incredibly lazy? Hard to say why anybody would feel the need to use an exclamation point to show excitement when words do it so much better.

Isn’t the public tired of, say, Sacramento real estate agents who hype, hype, hype, but have little tangible to say? It’s like the difference between an agent shouting: Buy this awesome house!!!!! and an agent who draws back the drapes to point out the perfect spot by the living room window to display a Christmas tree. It’s like showing up for job interview with a red ball glued to your nose, sporting orange hair. Too many exclamation points lose their emphasis and meaning.

My house collapsing into the Pacific ocean during a turbulent winter storm might deserve an exclamation point. A light overnight rain in Sacramento that streaks my bedroom windows does not. Placing too many exclamation points into a sentence is like walking into a room full of strangers, tearing off your clothes and screaming DO me, NOW!!!! Reserve your exclamation points to express orgasm. And you’ll probably have more of them.

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