Selling One of East Sacramento Homes for Sale 95819

East Sacramento HomesThere are times in a real estate transaction that we look back and try to figure out what we could have done to make the sale move more smoothly, and such is the case with selling one of East Sacramento homes for sale 95819. The home was perfect in every way except it was a bit “location challenged,” which some homes in East Sac can be. Doesn’t mean a home in a not-so-exciting location won’t sell if the price is right and the timing is right. They all will eventually sell.

But it does mean that we aren’t always as selective as we can be when it come to choosing a buyer. You can sort of get the luck of the draw. Of course, in retrospect, a more experienced mortgage lender would have spotted the difficulty facing this particular buyer immediately and rectified it before going into escrow. It’s not that the buyer wasn’t qualified, it was a small problem of being on title to another property that wasn’t his –which amounts to a huge problem with the file is kicked out of underwriting, where it had no place being in the first place until the situation was resolved.

It took us almost 3 months to close this home in East Sacramento 95819. During that time, we left the home on the market as a “pending, bring back up-offer,” yet no other offers surfaced. Still, it doesn’t hurt to try for the sellers’ sake.

This situation involved the buyer’s relative refinancing the home the buyer was on title to. He couldn’t qualify first go-around, which is why the buyer initially was on the title to that home because the strength of his credit helped the relative to qualify. I personally had my doubts the relative would qualify now. By some miracle, though, he did. So we waited 30 days to find out the buyer could not qualify to buy this home due to being on title to another home. Then we waited another 30 days for the buyer’s relative to refinance.

At last, we could finally focus on this particular escrow. To compensate the sellers for waiting, the best we could do was ask for the earnest money deposit to be released as a non-refundable deposit. At least the sellers would have the deposit in their own bank account, was my reasoning, in the event we had to cancel the transaction.

I realize there are East Sacramento agents who think all is well that ends well, but this was a nail-biter transaction to the very end. I was informed that we could not record on the day we had planned because for some reason the buyer had obtained a pest report that included the detached garage. I quickly drew an addendum that removed the garage from the pest. I called in a favor to a pest inspector I personally know at that pest company and asked for a revised pest report for just the house and a completion. Had it in my hot little paws within an hour. And that’s how we managed to close and just under the wire.

I am taking the seller out for a bourbon lunch next week at Ella. We both earned it. The motto of this story is a buyer is only as good as the mortgage lender who qualifies the borrower.

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