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Selling One of East Sacramento Homes for Sale 95819

East Sacramento HomesThere are times in a real estate transaction that we look back and try to figure out what we could have done to make the sale move more smoothly, and such is the case with selling one of East Sacramento homes for sale 95819. The home was perfect in every way except it was a bit “location challenged,” which some homes in East Sac can be. Doesn’t mean a home in a not-so-exciting location won’t sell if the price is right and the timing is right. They all will eventually sell. read more

East Sacramento Home and Josh Amolsch on FOX 40 News

Open-House-Sacramento-300x193And to think that some agents pooh-pooh open houses in Sacramento, yet my open house at an East Sacramento home got a little bit more exposure than expected. The FOX 40 news reporter Doug Johnson asked me yesterday what time we hold open houses in Sacramento. It sorta depends. I held open four of my listings yesterday, and the customary time for me is typically 2 to 4 PM. But sometimes we’ll throw in an extra hour and do a time slot of 1 to 4 PM, especially during Lyon Real Estate’s Extravaganza Open House weekend, which is company-wide once a month and yesterday. read more

CITI Almost Thwarts Short Sale of East Sacramento Home

Do you know how hard it is to keep up a seller’s spirits in an East Sacramento short sale? I try very hard to make sure the first buyer we go into escrow with is the buyer we will close escrow with the first time around. I never want to say to a seller: “Look, we’ve got approval twice already, I am confident that buyer #3 will close this time.” Because sellers get exhausted when short sales drag on and on due to buyer cancellations. Not every seller has the wherewithal to hang in there. Some just give up. Throw in the towel. Walk away. read more

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