Predictive Analysis for Sacramento Real Estate in 2014

Internet Sacramento real estate agentWhen it comes to the Sacramento real estate market for 2014 and NAR’s new focus group for Predictive Analysis, I say Predictive Analysis, my schmalysis. For starters, it’s sort of an oxymoron. For enders, it’s supposed to “solve complex problems in the housing industry,” among other remarkable features and benefits. It promises to help us all make better data-driven decisions.

If you want to know where the real estate market in Sacramento is going, you really don’t need to look any further than Trendgraphix and your own front steps, providing your home is for sale. As a consumer, you can read what the top-producing agents in the industry have to say about their business. Because I sell more homes than a good real estate agent on an average day, I see an abnormally high number of real estate transactions in Sacramento. We are the people media turn to when they want to know what’s happening in Sacramento because we have our fingers emerged in real estate every single day.

I use my knowledge to help my clients make decisions. I can pretty much accurately predict where the market is moving because I note trends. The secret is what happened yesterday is fairly certain to happen today, to more or less the same degree. And what happens today is more or less certain to happen tomorrow.

A spike is unpredictable.

To help our clients, what a Sacramento real estate agent (and agents everywhere in America) need to do to is a) listen to them, b) provide them with information to make educated decisions, and then c) make it happen. Just like we’ve always done.

But if NAR wants to call it Predictive Analysis and sell snake oil to us off the back of a truck, though, I’m predicting we’ll buy it.

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