The Orchid Greenhouse in Lanai at The Lodge

Orchid Greenhouse at The Lodge, Lanai

Orchid Greenhouse at The Lodge, Lanai

It’s often a little sad to leave the islands in Hawaii but I depart today a happier person for having visited the orchid greenhouse at The Lodge. It’s a different way to see Lanai, Hawaii, to spend time at the Four Seasons Lodge instead of its sister property on the beach in Manele Bay. It’s like you are suddenly transported to the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, and summer weather is replaced by a fall rainshower. Lots of wood used in this resort and it sports a giant stone fireplace in the lobby, exerting a warm ambiance.

There is a sweeping golf course, a large pond loaded with koi fish that poke their noses out of the water when they see you approaching, a pergola, fountains, lush vegetation and flowers. It reminded me a little bit of our trip to Sonoma, California, without the wineries.

I had stopped briefly at The Lodge the day before on my way back to Manele Bay after running around Lanai City, and I had missed the orchid greenhouse because I didn’t know it was there. Which meant I had to go back before I left the island. First on my list was submitting Sweetheart Rock to Ingress as a suggested portal, which I finished early yesterday morning in the midst of strong winds blowing sand into every nook and cranny of exposed skin. The afternoon was reserved for a manicure and pedicure, which left a small window of opportunity to grab the shuttle without a reservation — which the shuttle guys don’t like very much, you must make a reservation — and head up to the orchid greenhouse at The Lodge.

Vertical white and red orchidRoasted tomato soup, without the cream, called out to me for lunch. A rainy day is a perfect day for tomato soup. It wasn’t cold outside, just wet and windy. The breeze was so strong it whipped my newspaper off the table during lunch when somebody opened a side door to the grounds. After shooting photos of the orchids and sitting in the greenhouse a while, admiring the beautiful orchids, which included a view of the turkeys frolicking about on the perfectly manicured lawn, I headed back to the lobby for lunch.

I don’t believe I have ever seen an ugly orchid. All orchids are inherently gorgeous. They are a perfect flower. Striking. Alluring. Original. Exciting. Creative. My sister says orchids need a scent to be a perfect flower but they create a fragrance inside your head, so you don’t need to experience it with your nose. I hope you enjoy the photographs.

White and purple orchidyellow spider orchid

Salmon and Orange OrchidGreen spotted tongue orchidBlood and Yellow OrchidGreen creme spotted orchidCreme, Yellow and Burgundy orchid

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