How Long Does it Take to Sell Homes in Elk Grove, CA?

Ask an Elk Grove Agent About Selling Homes in Elk Grove

Ask an Elk Grove Agent About Selling Homes in Elk Grove

Home sellers always seem a bit astonished when I talk about how long does it take to sell homes in Elk Grove, and I give them hope that their home will quickly sell. Sometimes I see the uneasiness in their eyes, like why would I say that? Could it possibly be true or am I just saying those words in order to get the listing? Yeah, I know that it can be hard to trust every Elk Grove agent and some of them earned a bad name, but my clients come to respect the fact they can rely on me, no matter what. I do what I say.

I have no reason to predict that a home will sell faster or for more money than a seller expects unless it is true. There is nothing but heartache for the agent who can’t perform or live up to expectations, and I never want to be in that boat. I would much rather under-promise and over-perform because it delights sellers to get even more money than they hoped to get and to sell faster than they anticipated. If anything, I might deliberately set expectations a little bit lower. My goal is happy and ecstatic clients.

Speaking of happy, I was watching the Grammy’s last night, Pharrell performing Happy, which won him a Grammy, and was happy to see some of the other performers included from the 1970s and 1980s (but I don’t know why they were there). My husband says some of them are under various CBS contracts / subsidiaries, and that’s why.

But AC/DC? There are many bands I have never seen perform live and probably shouldn’t. It can alter your long-held opinion based solely on the music. That’s because when I was growing up, if you wanted to see a band you either checked for a schedule with the venue where they were likely to play, or you waited until you heard an announcement on the radio or somebody else told you; maybe somebody plastered a playbill on a telephone pole. I knew what the musicians looked like because I had an album cover to stare at. And sometimes, I hate to admit, from magazines at the grocery store. Maybe, if I was lucky, I’d catch a band on Ed Sullivan or some other variety show.

Ah, kids today don’t know how good they have got it with the Internet at their fingertips and cheap air fare. I wasn’t flying anywhere much less hopping a bus to St. Paul to see a show as a kid.

And Elk Grove sellers don’t know how good they have it until they hire this Elk Grove agent to help them to sell a home. The market right now, this very instant, is hot. There is almost no inventory. How long does it take to sell homes in Elk Grove? A home sells as fast as the best one above it goes into escrow. That’s your real answer, and the one that you’re looking for. And you can rely on it.

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