Leaving Key West and Returning to Reality


The prettiest dreads in Key West

When you’re doing lunch at a Thai restaurant in the pouring rain in Key West and today is your last day of vacation, there is only one logical thing left to do. It’s not like we could hop on the Conch Train either because it wasn’t running. The shops on Duval Street are not calling my name; in fact, I bought very few trinkets in Key West because I couldn’t find anything substantially nice to buy. It was either Emeralds or a Hemingway House t-shirt, so I picked the shirt. I love Emeralds, I simply have no place to wear them.

Unlike pearls. Because pearls look great with just about any kind of outfit, except maybe beach-going apparel. It’s not like I need any more pearls. After our French Polynesia Vacation last year, I am totally pearled-out.

Since we weren’t about to go shopping yesterday, we did the next best thing. A visit to the spa for a couple’s massage. Nothing like working out all of the kinks and pains that crept up during our walkabouts. Of course, I already had booked a Swedish massage the day we arrived in Key West, but that was 6 days ago and it was time for another. My husband gave no preference to which masseuse worked on him or the product. He’s more along the lines of do whatever. Although he did threaten to change his shirt when he saw I pulled on my matching Dry Tortugas shirt.

Why don’t husbands like to be seen in public wearing matchy-matchy outfits with their spouse? I do not know the answer to that.

I do know that once I hit the turf back in Sacramento, it’s going to be a real estate whirlwind. There will be no time to miss Key West and South Florida. It will probably stay that way through May. It’s as though homeowners suddenly woke up from the holiday activities and instantly said to themselves, “Oh, my gosh, I have sell my house, and I have to do it NOW.” It doesn’t astonish me. I understand the sentiment. It’s been this way every year for decades. The second week in January, sellers are ready to list.

This Sacramento real estate agent will be ready to go. Dreamy, exotic vacations are my way to unwind and refresh, because I can work as hard as a dog all year long if I know that my winter vacation is on the horizon.

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