The iPhone 6 Plus and John Oliver

vineYes, this Sacramento real estate agent caved in, succumbed, heeded the siren call, like a blind mouse chasing a pied piper, I bought into the excitement over the new iPhone 6Plus. I have been assimilated and cannot resist. Not only that, but I’ve been staring at my tiny little iPhone ever since I bought the 5S and gave up my beautiful, glossy shiny Galaxy in order to turn my life completely over to Apple for simplicity and efficiency. That was a horrible experience, having to download all new apps, upload address books, transfer photos and install new data. However, now that my life is all-things-Apple, switching to the new iPhone 6 Plus is as easy as plugging it into iTunes.

I preordered on Sunday the iPhone 6 Plus.

My husband thinks I’m nuts, of course, and that he is wiser than I and will wait for all of the kinks and bugs to be worked out first. There is a reason we are married to each other. He can be the rational person and I can be the kooky one to slip the pizzazz into our lives. Calculated risk, not crazy risk, is my belief system, and often I get lucky.

Besides, the iPhone 6 Plus is bigger, the screen is almost twice as big as what I’ve got now. I spent a thousand bucks to get a bigger screen. But see, I would do that and my husband would, too, he just wouldn’t want to admit it.

To go with my new iPhone, I need a new casing for it, and this time I decided flame red, no more boring black for me. A little red among a sea of black is a good thing. Unless, of course, you’re talking about the stupidest idea ever of the ridiculous Kent State sweatshirt sold by Urban Outfitters to nitwits.

I swear, John Oliver is right. Corporations should stay out of mass social media marketing and our living rooms and in fact anything to do with real people in general and just stick with stabbing each other in the backs and counting beans. Oliver actually on Last Week Tonight urged corporations to send a tweet, keeping it real, and corporations are doing it. This is what he asked them to tweet:




I’ve got to go out and list a home in Wilhaggin today, which should take my mind off of whether Scotland will become an independent country on Thursday and how that will affect the price of single malt scotch. But only 5 more weeks and counting before I get my new iPhone 6 Plus.

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