Hulopo’e Beach Park to Manele Harbor in Lanai, Hawaii

Gardenia taitensisStrolling through Hulopo’e Beach Park, my phone rang, sporting a familiar name of a Sacramento real estate agent popping up on the screen. I was just about to shoot a photograph of the tree you see here, the Gardenia Taitensis, which is the flower of Tahiti, when my phone vibrated in my hand. The reason I was carrying my cellphone in my hand — which might strike some of you odd as you say to yourselves, what kind of nut job carries her cell in Lanai, Hawaii? Who wants to stare at a cell when she can stare at the ocean rolling in and sharks jumping about — well, it is because I spotted an uncaptured portal in Ingress.

Manele Harbor LanaiThere are advantages to playing a cellphone game like Ingress. It can lead you to explore and walk to places you might not otherwise walk to. You could be lying on the beach and reading Judgment of Paris, which I haven’t yet cracked the first chapter, but no, you are up on two feet and walking off that filet mignon from the night before. The journey also led me to another spot that I would not have known was there except for Ingress.

Down the road about 350 meters from the beach is the Manele Bay small boat harbor. It looks like this is where the ferry from Maui Fan Mail Manele Harborpulls in to disembark / embark passengers. Gray skies rolled in, raindrops sprayed my face, but I shot a few photos of the boats, docks, framed by a large protective hill in the distance. When it rained a little bit harder, enough to put my electronic equipment in danger, I walked up to the vacant harbor house on the hill and shot a photo of the mailbox in the shape of a fish. On the front it read “fan mail only.” I don’t think the post office comes here, but I could be wrong.

And yes, there was a portal at Manele Bay. I upgraded a few resonators for the owner and created a mind control field. Mostly, though, I sat on a bench and admired the mailbox and the view of the harbor while the skies deployed a little mist.

Back at Hulopo’e Beach Park, I dropped a portal key and hacked the portal. Sure enough, I gained another portal key, so I picked up my original key from the ground. Now I had 2 portal keys and I could probably use one of them back at Four Seasons to generate an even larger mind control field. At that point, I pulled out my Nikon from my camera bag to shoot the Gardenia Taitensis when I recognized the name on my Caller ID buzzing in my other hand. It was a long story about the buyer of a condo and whether the seller, who hasn’t lived there for years and resides out-of-state, would know the specifics of litigation filed against the builder.

Isn’t every condo project in litigation these days or coming out of litigation, I asked? This is a cash transaction. I don’t personally have any information about the HOA — as a Sacramento REALTOR who covers four counties I don’t specialize in units in this particular complex — but I let the agent know that I would be happy to call the seller to see what I could find out. I don’t mind. I’m walking barefoot in the sand at Hulopo’e Beach Park. I’m shooting videos of sharks jumping out of the ocean to do backflips. I’ll do whatever I can to help. No problem.

Lanai Beach near HulopoeGuess I threw the buyer’s agent for a loop because he didn’t expect cooperation. Especially not when I told him I’m in Hawaii, but just because I’m in Lanai doesn’t mean I don’t care about my transactions. This is when traveling solo pays off because I can do whatever I want. I don’t have a husband or friend tapping toes, rolling eyes because I’m talking to another agent during vacation. I’m not inconveniencing anybody. I’m enjoying the zen of this trip.

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