How Long Will It Take to Sell My Home in Elk Grove?

sell my home in elk groveLast week I talked to a seller who lives in the ZIP of 95757 in Elk Grove. I sell a lot of homes in that ZIP code, probably because so many of them are short sales, but some of them are not. It’s a desirable place to live, and some neighborhoods are located in a certain school district, which enforces the desirability of those subdivisions. This seller asked me how long it takes to sell homes in Elk Grove, and I told him we would be in escrow within 7 to 14 days, and probably closer to 3 to 7 days. His jaw dropped, but that reaction is expected because that’s what everybody does when this Elk Grove agent explains the market.

What’s going on in the market in Elk Grove and the Sacramento area in general is so wild and crazy that it’s difficult to believe. That’s in part because we’ve been depressed for so long. It’s like tying a circus elephant’s leg to a stake. The elephant eventually will give up moving, and you can remove the stake, and the elephant will stay there. It’s conditioned. And PETA will get after you for that. Yet in Elk Grove, homes are moving into pending very quickly and there are no consequences.

Unless you’re like this seller in Elk Grove I was talking to. When I showed him the pending sales to prove how quickly homes were selling, he looked at the numbers and snorted. He said the sellers were selling too quickly and for too little. Because he’s sold so many homes in his life that added up to the number 2, he knows for a fact the sellers in Elk Grove gave away money. Which is one way to look at it. Except they didn’t. They sold according to the market. They let the market dictate. And the market responded favorably for them.

Putting a home on the market for 30 days without accepting any of the dozens of offers you’ll receive is insanity. Because offer #29 isn’t going to be the highest offer. Neither is #30. Your highest offer will be among those received in the first 7 to 10 days. After three weeks, interest dies off. People begin to wonder what’s wrong.

My goal, as your Elk Grove listing agent, is to attract as many buyers as possible and let them bid for your home. In a seller’s market, like our present market in Elk Grove, a newer home in a popular subdivision priced between $200,000 and $300,000 will quickly sell. If your home is drop-dead gorgeous, buyers will be lined up down the block. An experienced Elk Grove agent can take one look at your home and tell you how quickly it will sell. Of course, selling is only the first step; you’ve got to get it closed and that’s another blog.

I will say this, if I were the owner of a food or ice cream truck, I would be driving around Elk Grove on the weekends.

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