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find an agentIf you need a real estate agent in another state, I can help you to find an agent, and I might even give you a little real estate advice along the way. Telling clients what I believe is in their best interest for them to do comes very easily to this Sacramento real estate agent. I have no problem sharing what I believe because a) I’m generally right about it and b) if the other person don’t agree, that’s his or her prerogative. Besides, clients really seem to appreciate my advice and tips. Even people who aren’t my clients call to ask for my opinion.

Oh, maybe they read an article I wrote about home buying at About.com and want to do some hairbrained thing, so they track me down. I’m not that difficult to find, especially since I answer my phone. Sure, when I see the caller is calling from Pocatello, Idaho, I am tempted to click my bluetooth answer button and say Joe’s Pizza Shack, do you want pepperoni or sausage today, but fortunately, I’m not always looking at my phone when it rings and I answer with my name.

A woman called yesterday who told me she was in her 70s and thinking about selling her duplex to a tenant. The tenant had suggested taking over her mortgage payments, plus make payments on her equity. She felt sympathy for the guy because he was married with 5 kids and financially struggling. You know what? Maybe that guy can’t afford to buy a home because he can’t get a loan? She did not think about this. If he can’t get a loan, why would she jeopardize herself?

Her lender could call her loan due and payable under the alienation clause once title transfers. Was she mentally prepared if necessary to file a Notice of Default Could she go to court if push came to shove? My advice was tell the guy to get a loan or sell the home to a person who can get a loan. Don’t get sucked into this crap. There’s enough elder abuse in the world these days. Is this something I would said in the 1970s when owner financing was all the rage? Ha, ha, probably not. Today more than ever it pays to find an agent.

No client can ever accuse this agent of being wishy-washy or not voicing an opinion. I won’t give legal advice, but I promise to make you think about your issue. With 40 years in real estate, I am lucky to possess a wealth of experience to draw upon. If you can’t hire this Sacramento real estate agent because you live in Pocatello, Idaho, I can find an agent with experience in your area. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916 233 6759 or send me an email through my contact button on this website. It’s the top-left envelope icon that says email Elizabeth. Just click it.

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