Elizabeth Weintraub Picks Up 2 Top Agent Awards at Lyon Celebration

Weintraub Team 2015

Elizabeth Weintraub Team Roaring 20s Style: Josh Amolsch, Shaundra Bradley, Elizabeth Weintraub, Dianne Slutsky and Barbara Dow

The truth is no matter how many awards Lyon Real Estate gives to Elizabeth Weintraub, the very best award was having a rollicking good time with my Elizabeth Weintraub Team members, kicking up our heels on the dance floor and sprawling all over the 1920s gangster car, well, until the photographer kicked us off the vehicle. Never behave yourself if you don’t have to is my motto. Last night was the Lyon Top Agent Awards dealie-bop at the Hyatt downtown Sacramento. The brokerage handed out awards and recognized its top agents at Lyon Real Estate for our 2014 production, which was so last year I barely recall the harried haze.

Dinner at the Lyon Agent Awards

Dinner at the Lyon Agent Awards

When we arrived, my husband swore he had spotted a waiter toting a tray filled with glasses of champagne. Try as we might, weeding our way through the neck-to-neck crowd, we could not find that guy. But we did find several bars and chose the less crowded bar. Soon as we popped into line, the bartender took off for the bar next to us. We slid over to that bar, and the bartender dashed back to his original position. It was beginning to look like we could not get a glass of champagne. Wha, were we chopped liver? I nabbed the guy back at the bar and ordered a glass of bubbly.

“I’ll have to charge you for it,”the bartender warns, mentioning that there is a guy with a tray of champagne glasses wandering about. Well, I suspected champagne guy wandered into the kitchen, where he slipped and broke his neck, or maybe he scooted out to the sidewalk for a smoking break. Actually, it didn’t matter where he vanished to, the fact remains I was standing there in all of my Roaring 20s get-up and my fingers were not wrapped around the stem of a glass of champagne. That situation needed to be rectified, and I did not particularly care if I handed over a 20-dollar bill to fix it.

Top Outbound Relocation Agent Award to Elizabeth Weintraub

Presenting Top Outbound Relocation Agent Award to Elizabeth Weintraub

With drinks in hand, we began to wander back to the front of the entrance when suddenly the ballroom doors flew open and the crowd poured in. All of the Lyon agents and their guests looked glamorous and spectacular; not to mention, there were feathers and sequins scattered all over the dance floor by the end of the night.

I picked up the Top Outbound Relocation Agent Award from Lyon, as I refer many potential out-of-area sellers and buyers to our Lyon Relocation department. People call me from all over the country to ask if I will help them to sell or buy a home. The problem is I work in Sacramento Valley, and although I can sell real estate anywhere in California, I prefer to stick to areas that are my specialty.

Elizabeth Weintraub Lyon Awards

Elizabeth Weintraub, Top 1% of Agents at Lyon Real Estate

The president of Lyon Real Estate handed me the top agent award and said, “I didn’t recognize you tonight; you look beautiful.” OK, maybe you would have scuffed up his spats or kicked him in the shins, but he was trying to be complimentary.

Toward the end of the top agent awards ceremony, which was short and sweet this year, thank goodness, they began the countdown to the top 1% of all Lyon real estate agents. It’s always hard to know exactly where I might place every year at Lyon because they calculate the numbers internally in an odd way. I might rank in the top 10 agents in a 7-county area in Trendgraphix for number of homes sold or sales production, but not end up in that ranking at Lyon. Still, I placed in the top 1% of Lyon real estate agents, and am named to the top 3 agents in the brokerage out of almost 1,000 agents. I’ll probably pick up more top agent awards for our downtown office but, like I said, none of that compares to rocking out with my team.

I love these guys to pieces. Trust me, we know how to have a good time.


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