Comparing Peeple to the TV show REVIEW

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Reviewing people for Peeple reviews is nothing like the Comedy Central show REVIEW

Ten years ago I was kicked off a then-popular website for criticizing the way its management treated my friends. Today, that would be akin to being banned from Twitter and would never happen. Things change so quickly in the internet world. Sometimes you just can’t believe your eyes about what unfolds in front of you. Take for example the new website Peeple that is being marketed as “like Yelp for human beings.” I read about that site and thought WTH, are we living in the UK?

This is a new website launching shortly that professes to provide a platform for people to “review” not just their pizza delivery guy but their friends, arch-enemies, neighbors, the asshole who cut them off in traffic, coworkers, ex-boyfriends / girlfriends . . .. It raises the possibility of extreme raunchiness, vindictiveness and overall incredible stupidity affecting your life more than shows you don’t watch on Reality TV do now.

It would seem that if you do not sign up for that website, nobody can post anything negative about you. So right there the dilemma for a normal, rational human being is completely solved. Yet you know people will crawl over to that site just out of curiosity and before you know it, wham, they’ll sign up, because people are idiots.

Think what this will do to real estate agents because the 2 things a subscriber needs to post a review is the person’s name and phone number. Who has their name and phone number plastered everywhere? Real estate agents.  Any deadbeat who plops his butt on the face of a real estate agent wrapped on a bus bench, say, in East Sacramento, can whip out a cellphone and, because the bus is late, say something nasty about the agent.

Now, Peeple reviews is nothing like REVIEW the wild show on Comedy Central that is so darkly hilarious. Most review shows are about books, movies or food. This show is about life experiences. The host, who sort of dresses like a Century 21 agent from the 1970s is like Superman’s Clark Kent, a mild mannered dude oozing with sincerity from southern California who accepts challenges contributed from viewers to experience life events and report on what it’s like.

The reviewer gives 1/2 to 6 stars for things such as: What’s it like to get kicked in the balls? Or what’s it like to be buried alive? What’s it like to sleep with your teacher? Burning questions that all of us must wonder about at one time or another. Except when the character Forrest MacNeil (Andy Daly) tries so earnestly to perform his job, he continually messes up his own personal life. This is an excellent show: REVIEW. Peeple is just plain creepy.

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