Check Out Devine Gelateria in Midtown Sacramento

Devine-Gelato-300x200I guess while the *Sacramento Bee was pulling together a story about the sale of the Washington Post to a guy who amassed a fortune selling books on the Internet, the reporter ran across the Washington Post story about the guy in London who, financed by another Internet giant, has produced the world’s first stem cell hamburger. My first reaction was ewww, but then, what the hell; we have fake food in our freezer and I eat it for lunch. That stuff is made from chemicals and sold as Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. Stem cell burgers don’t sound so bad.

Gelato.300x200You know what really tastes great, though? Gelato. It’s every bit as good as ice cream and some people might say, better. One taste and you’ll be addicted. If you like ice cream or frozen yogurt, you will adore gelato. I especially like Sea Salt Caramel. My favorite flavor used to be mint chocolate chip. Even though I would be presented with 31 flavors, didn’t matter, I would always choose the sure thing: mint chocolate chip. I figured I liked it so why not order it. Can’t go wrong. Unless, of course, you figure that you’re missing out on dozens of other flavors that could be a “favorite.” Who says a favorite has to be only one thing? You can have lots of favorites.

If you’re in Sacramento and live near Midtown, one of the best gelato stores in the city, and they are up for a vote in Sacramento News and Review as Best Sweet Treat, is Devine Gelateria on 19th Street just south of Mulvaney’s, between L and Capitol. They make dozens of flavors; the gelato is hand crafted. I asked the clerk behind the counter if she had a loyalty card, because we’ve been to Devine Gelateria 3 times in the past couple of weeks, but they were out of print. That’s how popular this place is, and you’re missing a fabulous treat if you don’t go there.

Although we live in Land Park, we walk to Devine Gelateria. Yes, we actually put on shoes and walk down the street instead of driving. Last Sunday, I know this will shock some of you, we walked downtown to the Sacramento Public Library, then over to Devine Gelateria in Midtown. On our way back to Land Park, we made a fortitude pitstop against the Sacramento heat at Shady Lady for a summer cocktail and a snack: tator tots stuffed with duck. We sampled a Gin Daisy and a Rita Hayworth. Our bill with tip came to $34. Remember when $34 would buy you groceries for a week? Our round-trip walk was a little over 5 miles. I figure we at least burned up the calorie intake from Devine Gelateria. Don’t know about the tator tots with duck.

*Note: See, there are stories you get in the print edition of the Sacramento Bee that you will not find at its online website.

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