A North Kona Beach for Boogie Boarding You Might Not Find

North Kona Beach for Boogie Boarding

If you’re looking for a North Kona beach for boogie boarding, this particular beach seems much better than Magic Sands.  It’s not a place I had been before, and we’ve been exploring places on the Big Island for 8 years. At one time, the beach was more difficult to reach. But today the road is paved, with plenty of parking. Even concrete steps down to the beach if you don’t want to traverse through the lava paths.

Yesterday I had to drive to Kawaihae Harbor to pick up freight from Oahu. Because our Hawaii house features Futura stone for sidewalks and our lanai. That type of installation requires a sealer every 4 years or so using highly flammable products. Can’t send the stuff UPS or FedX or even through the mail. My only option was to order it by barge and go get it.

I’m wondering what we can install over the Future stone so we don’t have to seal it again, but I’ve another 4 years to figure it out. In any case, since Kawaihae Harbor is located a bit north of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, and it’s a long drive from Kona, I figured I owed it to myself to go to the beach. Plus, with the horrific news happening, including the murder of 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, I’ve been quietly sobbing. I can’t take it. Can’t take the news. This is the straw.

north kona beach boogie boarding

I’m like that goat above, just standing on a chunk of lava, 2,500 miles from anywhere in the middle of nowhere, and yet the devastating news reaches me. Such hatred and vile. The 2016 election seemed to open the flood gates of despicable behavior, which some people had secretly suppressed. And with good reason. It is unacceptable in normal society, but these are not normal times. We have to keep reminding ourselves of that. At least I do. What is happening is not normal.

Please vote. Please oh dear god vote. You might think your vote does not count or it is not important but that is harmful thinking — to yourself and those who love you. You cannot escape, no matter how hard you try, that people have died to give you the right to vote. Please honor that sacrifice.

north kona beach boogie boarding

Fortunately, I started to feel a bit better when I rounded the corner and came upon this scene. It is the upper landing area of Kua Bay. You don’t expect to find such a nice North Kona beach for boogie boarding at the end of this road. It is located between marker 88 and 89 on the Makai (ocean) side of the highway. Right across from the West Hawaii Veterans Cemetery. There are showers and restroom facilities.

north kona beach boogie boarding

This wonderful North Kona beach for boogie boarding is comprised of several areas at the end of the road. Such a scenic area. There is not a lot of shade, so bringing an umbrella is a good idea. I guess the county of Hawaii is hoping to afford lifeguards for Kua Bay in the near future. That goal keeps getting defeated. But what a spectacular beach.

It is all mine for another week and then it’s back home where more listings are waiting for my special touch. You can take the Sacramento Realtor out of Sacramento, but you can’t remove the passion and duty call of Sacramento real estate.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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