Selling Sacramento Short Sales in December

Four AcesI will see you four Bank of America short sales and raise you one Wells Fargo short sale. Selling Sacramento short sales is like playing poker and winning all of the time. So far this December I have closed 5 short sales in Sacramento, six if you count an intense client whom I referred to a Sacramento short sale agent better suited to handle the more colorful characters. Before the month ends, another 6 of my short sales will close, bringing my total for the month to seven Bank of America short sales, three Wells Fargo short sales and an SLS short sale. That’s not a bad December for December being a relatively slow month, even without a partridge in a pear tree.

Most people who do a short sale can choose when to list their home as a short sale. Since there are historically fewer numbers of people who are willing to cross the desert barefoot and without water to do a short sale, it’s better to put a home like that on the market when there are larger numbers of buyers available. There will be larger numbers of buyers in January than in December.

Yes, I realize there is no inventory in Sacramento. As such, I am careful to keep my fingers out of its hot oil when I gingerly drop a home for sale into it and step away from the stove. After it’s a golden color, I scoop it up and let it cool on paper towels. If it’s not cooked all the way through, I cook it longer on one side, even if it’s a little browner, because people only see the golden side when they eat it. I’m pretty darned organized.

I’ve got my real estate predictions for 2013 completed. I expect to list a lot of homes in Sacramento this coming January and February. Probably not enough homes to meet the pent-up demand. Interest rates are extremely attractive, under 4%, and the government announced it intends to keep rates low until unemployment dips to 6.5%, which will be a very long time. But when it comes to a short sale, people can decide the best time to list a home, and that time is not around the holidays. Selling during the holidays is not really necessary for most people. Which means this Sacramento short sale agent can take a vacation. Yowsa!

Don’t think I am going hogwild off the beaten path, though, I am bringing my laptop.

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