Rain in Sacramento and Short Sale Woe

short sale woeAn unusual thing is happening in Sacramento today. It is raining. There is a Delta breeze in the morning, which is usually reserved for late afternoons and early evenings. The temperature is 65 degrees at 9 AM; it’s cold. I kind of like it. It’s a bit like short sale woe.

I miss the romanticism of thunderstorms and afternoon summer rain. We don’t get that kind of weather in Sacramento; it’s not like the Midwest. There is always some tradeoff in life. If you want to live in Sacramento where it’s sunny all of the time, well, you put up with the fact that it just doesn’t rain often in the summer.

Some things you just accept because there isn’t much you can do about it. Like starting a short sale over. Yes, that kind of short sale woe. I know agents who will throw in the towel when the short sale lender says no. But I don’t give up. Because I know that the no answer means I most likely need to repackage the short sale in the manner that will cause the lender to say yes.

I’ve had my share of temporary declines, but a rejection doesn’t mean no short sale; it’s not short sale woe for me. It is very, very rare for this Sacramento real estate agent to completely lose a short sale because a bank would not grant approval — I can count on one hand the number of times it has happened. Most of the time, a short sale is lost not due to bank rejection but because the seller gives up. The seller just can’t go on. I understand that sentiment, too. I would never try to force a seller to continue in a short sale when the seller has run out of steam. But if you want to get to closing, I’m your agent.

I plan to enjoy the rain today. Even though it makes my hair frizz. Maybe, if I’m really lucky, I’ll spot a rainbow!


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