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Home downsizing to a smaller home is a blog that Elizabeth Weintraub wrote for another publication, Enjoy. JaCi Wallace.

Sometimes bigger isn’t better, and I have come to that conclusion in my own life. At one point, I owned a ranch home that was 8,600 square feet. For just two of us and one cat. It was enormous and way too much space for me to handle. Just walking from the kitchen to the bedrooms was a trek. I actually considered installing a moving walkway until I realized how incredibly silly and stupid it would be.

It was a pain to clean, the utilities were expensive and the mortgage payments absurd. I struggled with this home for almost two years before I realized that I should sell it and consider downsizing to a smaller home. A smaller home also meant I could get rid of a lot of furniture. Ultimately, smaller quarters meant I spent less time taking care of the home and had more time to spend with friends. It made dinner parties a lot more intimate and comfortable.

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— Elizabeth Weintraub

Elizabeth Weintraub
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