Garage Trends and Garage Remodels

Garage Remodel

Garage trends and garage remodels was written previously for another website, by Elizabeth. Having a garage is a big selling point in my experience and they are practical too, especially in cold climates.

Enjoy. — JaCi Wallace

“When I persuaded my husband to buy a Victorian with me in the mid-1990s, it came with a carriage shed. You know, the kind where you put in a buggy that a horse would pull. But we needed a two-car garage. After all, we were living in Minneapolis, where temperatures dip below zero in the winter (and let’s not even talk about windchill). I wanted my vehicle protected from the elements, OK, I said it.

Plus, I wanted a garage door that would open by a remote from inside the home. Not too much to ask, is it? Read more about Garage Trends and Garage Remodels.

So we tore down the shed and built a garage. Building a garage is fairly easy and doesn’t require extensive knowledge of construction, but since I had done my fair share of framing, it was even easier than I imagined. The single largest expense was the slab floor, apron and base of cement block around the perimeter. Although, my husband wasn’t too happy when October (brrrr) rolled around and we were still up on the roof hammering / gluing its ridge shingles in place.

If you are thinking about a garage remodel and are curious about how your home values with or without a garage, call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold, at 916-233-6759.”

— Elizabeth Weintraub

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