Equator Glitch Fix for Bank of America Short Sales

With a Bank of America short sale in Equator, the one thing I count on working day-in and day-out doesn’t always work. That one thing is technology. There seems like something always goes wrong with it, but you know what? I am a Sacramento short sale agent, which means I am used to annoyances, frustrations and absurdities — it comes with the territory. Technology is no different. You can’t operate without it, you just need to know what to do when it doesn’t work.

The first place to look is in the mirror. Yup, it could be operator error. The second place to look is at the hardware and connections. Is your computer plugged in? Laugh as you may but that’s what a tech support guy will ask you. Are you connected to the Internet? If none of those things is the problem, then it just might be Equator. Not Equator software itself but the way the bank negotiator set up the file.

Equator has an instant chat button. I love instant chats. It satisfies my need for immediate gratification. A few days ago I was working on uploading the short sale offer for several Bank of America short sales. In the first short sale, whenever I clicked submit, it would erase the buyer’s agent’s name and data. In the second Bank of America short sale, it would not calculate a bottom-line net because the loan field was filled out incorrectly by a Bank of America negotiator.

I connected with the support staff at Equator who explained the problems. Each of the support staff responded expediently and was helpful in explaining what was wrong. But what does that mean to me, to Al Franken, I asked? It meant that Equator needed to contact the negotiator so Bank of America could fix the problem on its end. If I would just wait a few hours, it would be fixed. I’m just so relieved it wasn’t something I did. I have pretty high standards for my own performance. At least I try not to make mistakes twice. Thank you, Equator, for giving us short sale agents Equator Chat!

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