A Chase Bank Short Sale in Equator

One of the absolutely joys of my life is a Chase Bank short sale in Equator. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it has been to see a Chase short sale sitting in my Equator task folder, patiently waiting for the HUD to be uploaded. It is a thing of beauty to behold. The only thing more beautiful than a Chase short sale in Equator is a Chase HAFA short sale in Equator, and I’ve definitely got one of those. It is true that one can’t always truly appreciate splendor until one has experienced hell. I am a Chase short sale expert; I have been to hell and back.

It used to be that I’d tell clients to expect at least a 4-month escrow with Chase Bank. All of that advice has changed — as with most short sale advice, it changes with the wind. I listed this particular short sale just before Thanksgiving. The seller’s spouse had unexpectedly died. I seem to be working with quite a few sellers lately whose spouses have suddenly died without warning.

It’s very different to work with people who are grieving as compared to those who simply despise their banks with a great vengeance. I find that I need to slow down quite a bit and be more patient. To listen to them more carefully. That doesn’t stop me from cracking jokes, though, and I think they appreciate it. Humor at times of uneasiness is often welcome as long as it’s not insensitive. I suspect that laughter gives them a bit of break from the steady flow of reality that they must absorb.

We opened escrow right around Thanksgiving and received HAFA short sale approval within 30 days. That’s pretty incredible when I look at my past record of having to fax documents to Chase, which would go to a central fax number and never directly to the negotiator, so they’d get lost. There are two loans on this short sale, yet getting the second approval from Bank of America was a piece of cake. That’s because Bank of America has been in Equator for what seems like a lifetime but probably has been only a couple of years. I lose track of time at my age.

I decided to ask Chase for an extension because the day we are scheduled to close is the day Chase needs its money. I know that we can’t get it to them on the same day, not when we are funding and recording on that day. That’s often the tricky part, getting the money to the bank on time. But Chase said no problem. We can have a few days if we need it. And Chase responded to this request within minutes. Minutes! It just doesn’t get any better than that!

But wait. I am now registered with Chase Bank to receive short sale prospects directly from the bank. Although most sellers in Sacramento find me through the internet or from a friend’s referral, now this Sacramento short sale agent might be able to connect sooner with those who can benefit from my short sale expertise. Call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. As a new client said yesterday, not only did I make her day (by talking to me), but I most likely will make her next two years more enjoyable.

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