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Pia-for-Pet-oxygen-masksFind a need and fill it. That’s the simple premise behind most success stories. A company that is already successful has found another way to fill a need, and it’s pretty ingenious. What’s cool about this particular company that I’m about to share with you is its product can actually save the life of your pet, give you a tax deduction, and the company provides its product free to fire departments around the country, while still getting publicity for its own in-house product. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The product I’d like to introduce to you is an oxygen mask for pets. Not the drop-down kind from the overhead compartment when you’re flying because, let’s face it, you probably do not have a pet in your lap at that point. The pet oxygen mask is for pets who need oxygen because of a fire. For those who can’t make it out quickly enough from a burning house. Fires can happen anywhere and at anytime. I don’t even want to talk about what happens to trapped pets because it’s too horrific to picture.

This pet oxygen mask is small enough to fit a pet’s tiny little face or snout. They can’t wear masks made for people, you know. The company, Invisible Fence, is donating pet oxygen masks to fire departments to use with pets who need oxygen during an emergency. They even have a video that shows you how they do it.

Of course, there are only 2 cats featured in that video that I could see. One cat is held by a fireman who is dressed in full gear, head to toe, fully protected against the cat. The other cat is wrapped up in a towel. Whereas the dogs are happy as can be to put their snouts into an oxygen mask, the cats are probably, oh, let’s just say more reluctant, I’m betting. In fact, I have an idea for the cats. It might be easier to put a collar around their neck, one of those cone collars or inflatable collars, so they can’t get their feet up around their head to kick off the oxygen mask. My cat, Pia, is so happy to model an inflatable collar for you.

Maybe the idea is the cat is too weak to protest, but cats have amazing strength that pops up out of nowhere when they need it. It’s like a kryptonite power. Those of you who live with cats know exactly what I’m talking about. The exercise this power when it comes time to take a pill or get a toenail trim. They can almost turn themselves inside out, and you’re sitting there watching this remarkable feat and wondering how, how do they do that? It is it magic?

Yes, it is magic.

They say that cats will survive almost anything instinctively, and they know how to take care of themselves. They are the perfect hobos of domestic households. When my house fell into the ocean in Ventura some 30 years ago, my cat survived. I found him sitting at the top of the stairs of what remained of the house looking very nonplussed and wondering where his food bowl ended up.

Still, I’m happy to see a company that has found a way to fulfill a need and provide fire departments with free pet oxygen masks. To make a donation, you can go to Project Breathe, Pet Oxygen Mask Program by Invisible Fence Brand.

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