How to Acquire Kistler Vineyards Wine

bigstockphoto_Wine_Toast_353637How does a person go online to buy a couple bottles of wine and end up spending $1,200 like a drunken sailor? If I were a mother to any number of children, which I am not, I would probably spend money on my kids, which is easy for me to say because I’m not in that position. I like to believe that I invest money wisely and save for the future but sometimes I make purchases that kind of shock myself when it’s out of the ordinary. I wonder how did I get to this place? Any preferences I have tend to fall along the lines of designer shoes / bags or first-class travel / food. But I would not say I am an exorbitant shopper.

I don’t blow commission checks on diamond necklaces or mansions. I don’t need the biggest of everything or the best of anything. Material items are mostly unimportant unless there is a professional reason to acquire it. I’m not driven by consumerism.

In fact, I spend an unusual amount of time studying how corporations market to the public and the psychology of it. From how grocery aisles are arranged to the glitter of gold under bright lights in a jeweler’s case, merchandise is typically staged, just like homes, to move the product.

Although, there is a winery near Sebastopol, Kistler Vineyards, which my husband and I were introduced to at Sante Restaurant during our Sonoma vacation over last Thanksgiving. I’ve never tasted a better chardonnay. It dances and romances. I can’t stop thinking about it. The downside is Kistler is so exclusive that you can’t drive there from Sacramento for a wine tasting unless you receive a confirmed reservation in advance. They charge $75 to taste 4 wines. You also can’t buy any of its wine until you get the newsletter with your password and code, which you must request in writing. Then, if you are like me and drooling over the Kistler Vineyards Chardonnay, like Gollum for a ring, like I forked over a hundred bucks for a half bottle at La Mer in Waikiki, there is a maximum purchase of 6 bottles.

But wait, there is more. You can’t buy just 6 bottles of wine, you need to buy 12 to meet the minimum requirements, which means expanding into other Kistler vineyards or variety. It’s open for a 14-day release this month. That’s brilliant marketing. And that’s how you can end up spending $1,200 when all you expect to do is buy a couple of bottles of wine. I swear, my younger Boone’s Farm Apple Wine self from my college days would have passed out dead in the street if she could have seen my future. How much you wanna bet it arrives with a free gift with purchase promotion? Because all gifts aren’t free, doncha know.

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