Elizabeth Weintraub Answers Your Questions About Sacramento Short Sales

Short Sale 1 SacramentoHow Can We Have a Smooth Short Sale Closing?
Secrets for closing a short sale. How to ensure your short sale closing happens without a glitch or delay.

Exactly What Are Short Sales?
Exactly what are short sales in real estate? What causes homes to go up for sale as short sales? Explanation of short sales.

The Number One Question to Ask a Short Sale Buyer’s Agent
The most important question to ask a short sale buyer’s agent. How to question the buyer’s agent to qualify the short sale buyer.

How to Handle a Short Sale Counter Offer
Anticipating, preparing and negotiating a short sale counter offer. Whether the bank issues a counter offer for the short sale or the seller counters the buyer’s offer, tips for handling the short sale counter offer.

What is a Short Sale Negotiator?
What is a short sale negotiator? Where do you find a short sale negotiator? What does a short sale negotiator do? How to tell if short sale negotiation if right for you.

7 Tips for Short Sale Success
Tips used by successful short sale agents to close that short sale. 7 unique tips for short success, tips that are guaranteed to help you to close that short sale with the first buyer.

Can I Short Sale My Investment Property?
Procedure for an investment property short sale. Tips for doing a short sale on a rental property. Drawbacks to short selling a non-owner occupied home.

Is There A Short Sale Alternative for Homes Worth Less Than the Mortgage?
A short sale alternative to selling a home when you owe more than it is worth. Top 10 alternatives to short sales and options for selling that impossible to sell home.

What is Wrong With the Home Affordable Refinance Program – HARP?
Overview of the Home Affordable Refinance Program, HARP. Why it might not be a good idea to refinance an underwater mortgage through the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Little known quirks about the Home Affordable Refinance Program.

How SB 458 and Seller Contributions Work in a California Short Sale
How a seller can make a contribution to effect a short sale in California without violating SB 458, which amends CA Civil Code 580e. Drawbacks to SB 458. How CA Civil Code 580e affects a short sale in California and protects against deficiency judgments.

What is the Standard Short Sale Procedure?
What is the short sale procedure? Is it better to first ask the bank for a short sale or should you send an offer for the short sale to the bank and then ask? The standard short sale procedure explained.

Solutions to Common Types of Short Sale Problems
Types of problems that can crop up in a short sale and cause a short sale to be rejected. How to prevent short sale problems. Dealing with short sale problems that stop a short sale from closing.

short-sale-300x225How Flexible is That Short Sale Price?
How you can tell if that short sale price is real. Explanation of why a bank will accept a certain price on a short sale and how to compute the short sale price just like a bank will do it.

Do I Have to Be Delinquent To Do a Short Sale?
When the bank rejects your short sale because your payment are current, if you become delinquent, is there a guarantee your short sale will get approved? Why a delinquent short sale has a better chance of acceptance than a non delinquency. How to overturn a bank’s short sale rejection.

What Do We Need to Know About Buying an As Is Short Sale?
Explanation of buying an As Is short sale. Why most short sales are sold in As Is condition and what As Is means to a short sale buyer.

Why Do a Short Sale?
Get answers to all of your short sale questions such as: why do a short sale? What is the benefit to doing a short sale? Why are short sales so popular?

What is the National Mortgage Settlement?
What is the National Mortgage Settlement and how does it apply to you? Will your bank forgive your mortgage debt through a principal mortgage reduction program? Details of $25 billion settlement. Top 5 banks affected by National Mortgage Settlement and dollar share.

What Are the Top 3 Factors for Hiring the Best Short Sale Agent?
What you don’t know about hiring the best short sale agent will surprise you. The top 3 factors that will help you to determine who is the best short sale agent.

Do All Sellers Get a Release of Liability for a Short Sale?
A release of liability is the main reason to do a short sale. About a seller’s two main concerns in a short sale: paying taxes and no waiver of liability from the short sale lender. How to prevent the bank from coming after you for the difference owed when your short sale closes.

What is the Best Type of Short Sale Offer?
Strategies for preparing the best type of short sale offer. Why cash short sale offers are not always the best offer for a bank to approve. Tips for boosting your chances of short sale offer acceptance.

How Can We Get Our Short Sale Offer Accepted in a Seller’s Market?
The 3 parties to a short sale offer, and how to win every time. Secret strategies for getting your short sale offer accepted.

How Can You Find Out Whether a Short Sale has Delegated Authority?
Clear and simple explanation of delegated authority as it pertains to a short sale. How you can find out if the short sale bank has delegated authority and discover the parameters of that delegated authority.

What Can We Do When the Bank Has Declined Our Short Sale?
Tips for turning that short sale decline letter into a short sale approval letter. Things you can do to turn around a short sale if your short sale is declined. Options and alternatives after a bank rejects a short sale.

When Should You Move Out During a Short Sale?
What are the rules about moving out of a short sale home? The best time to start looking for a new home to rent while you are waiting for your short sale to close.

What Do You Say to Do a Short Sale Escalation?
Types of bank short sale escalation procedures. How to prevent short sale escalations. Ways to speed up a short sale stuck in a black hole by learning how to escalate a short sale.

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