Elizabeth Weintraub Answers Your Questions About Sacramento Short Sales

bigstock_Underwater_Short_Sale_Words_On_13943735Can I Lease or Buy Back My Short Sale?
Can I lease or buy back my short sale? How to know if the company that offers to let homeowners lease or buy back a short sale is legitimate and above board.

The Two Types of HAFA Short Sales
Understanding the 2 types of HAFA short sales. Why a Preapproved HAFA short sale is different from a traditional HAFA short sale. When to use an ARASS versus a RASS for a HAFA short sale.

Which Fixtures Can a Seller Remove in a Short Sale?
Whether the seller can take appliances and fixtures in a short sale depends on several factors. What types of things can a short sale seller take from a home? What stays with a house in a short sale and what goes? Is it against the law to sell upgrades when doing a short sale?

Will Banks Issue an Extension on a Short Sale?
Is it possible to get an extension on a short sale? What do banks want before agreeing to issue an extension? Why would a short sale bank refuse to issue an extension?

Is the Seller Liable to the Buyer for Refusing to Close a Short Sale?
Can a buyer sue a seller for refusing to close a short sale? After a lender issues short sale approval, is the seller liable to close or does the buyer have recourse if the seller walks away. Can a buyer make the seller of a short sale close?

How Can a Buyer Make an Offer Directly to the Short Sale Bank?
Can a buyer make an offer directly to the short sale bank? How a buyer of a short sale can talk to the seller’s bank about making an offer. How to deal with stubborn short sale agents who won’t present your offer to the bank.

How Do You Lose Equity in a House?
How do you lose equity in a house? Is it possible to lose equity but still be able to sell without asking for a short sale? How much equity can you lose before your home goes to foreclosure?

How to Apply for a Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale
Is it worth your while to apply for a Bank of America cooperative short sale? Step-by-step explanation of how to qualify for and how to apply for a Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale. How Bank of America determines if you are eligible for its cooperative short sale program.

How to Hold Open a Short Sale House
Is it a good idea to hold open a short sale house? How is holding an open house for a short sale different than any other type of open house? Tips for hosting a short sale open.

How Much Can a Seller Credit Toward Buyer’s Closing Costs in a Short Sale?
How much will banks approve for buyer’s closings costs in a short sale? Why a short sale bank might not approve your closing cost credit as a seller concession. How to increase the odds the bank will allow a seller credit for closing costs in your short sale offer.

Making the Bank Accept Your Short Sale Offer
Ways to negotiate with the short sale bank. How to make the bank accept a short sale offer. Tips for negotiating a short sale offer.

The Upside to Buying a Short Sale
What are the advantages to buying a short sale, and why would a buyer choose to buy a short sale over any other kind of real estate transaction? The secret benefits to buying a short sale that your agent probably won’t tell you.

The Best Time to List a Short Sale
When is the best time to list a short sale and put it on the market? With the length of time it takes to sell a short sale, you’ll want to make sure you have enough time to list and sell your short sale. There is an ideal time to list your short sale.

Who is the Seller in a Short Sale?
Who is the real seller in a short sale? Is the seller the bank or is the seller the owner of the short sale house? Who pays the costs of sale in a short sale? Whether a seller contribution is a negotiation point in a short sale.

Why Banks Want to Do a HAFA Short Sale
Why are banks so gung ho on pushing for a HAFA short sale? Bank of America routinely screens sellers for a HAFA short sale. Why banks want to do a HAFA short sale. How to reject a HAFA short sale.

The Short Sale HUD Approval Process
Why a bank approves a HUD for a short sale. Types of short sale fees a bank is likely to approve. How to increase the chances that your short sale HUD will get approved by the bank.

How Can I Get Cash for Doing a Short Sale?
Ways to get cash for selling as a short sale. Types of cash incentives offered by banks to sellers who sell their underwater home as a short sale. How to qualify for a cash incentive in a short sale. Why some sellers are paid to sell a short sale and others are not.

What is an Average Timeline for a Short Sale?
Average timelime to close a short sale. How to remove potential delays from your short sale timeline.

Must a Short Sale Seller Sign a Third Party Authorization?
Explanation of the purpose of a third-party authorization in a short sale. Two main types of third party authorizations, and how to complete a third party authorization for a short sale.

How Much Under List Price Can You Offer to Buy a Short Sale?
How much should you offer to buy a short sale? Is the list price of a short sale the amount the bank will take? How much under list price can you offer for a short sale?

How Can a Second Lender Keep a Deficiency Right in a Short Sale?
Negotiating with two lenders in a short sale. Obtaining a full release of personal liability. Deficiency rights of a second lender in a short sale. Alternatives to walking away when the second lender demands too much in a short sale.

How to Escalate a Short Sale
Stuck in a short sale going nowhere? The answer is to escalate. Tried-and-true tips for short sale escalation. How to escalate that short sale and yank it out of that big black hole and get action.

Can a Real Estate Agent Sell Her Own Short Sale?
Is it possible to represent yourself in a short sale if you have a real estate license? How to understand dual agency in a short sale and which agent represents the sellers and the buyers to the short sale. Drawbacks to dual representation in a short sale.

How Do REO and Short Sale Banks Demand a Preapproval Letter From Borrowers?
When the seller is a bank, can the seller demand that the buyer get a preapproval letter from that bank? How REO lenders and short sale banks can make some borrowers get a preapproval letter from them as a condition to buy the home. About preapproval letters for bank-owned homes and short sales.

What Does a Short Sale Listing Agent Do?
Understanding what a short sale listing agent does and the agent’s duties to the parties in the transaction. Can a buyer’s agent get involved in a short sale? What exactly does a short sale agent do?

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