The Search for Intelligent Life in a Green Tree Short Sale

Talking to a Green Tree short sale bank negotiator can be like that cartoon about what dogs hear. You know what I’m referring to, right? The human is speaking to the dog, giving a lecture about not jumping on the furniture or perhaps not tracking dirt on its paws into the house, and the caption balloon over the dog’s head is an interpretation of what the dog hears, which is “blah, blah, blah.” This is what it feels like when I talk to a short sale bank negotiator. Words are coming out of the mouth of this Sacramento short sale agent, but they are ignored and must sound like incomprehensible gibberish to the negotiator.

This is so common place in short sales that my Sacramento short sales are ripe with illustrations. Let’s look at a Green Tree short sale, for example. Green Tree is famous for trying to extort extract payments from sellers during the short sale, and why not? Green Tree is a collection agency. If PNC or Bank of America transferred the servicing of your loan to Green Tree, you’re stuck with Green Tree and, by extension, so am I. But that’s OK, I don’t mind dealing with Green Tree as it’s typically good fodder for illustrations of ineptness.

The latest problem is a Green Tree short sale in which there are four individuals who have signed the mortgage. All four people have signed the promissory note and the deed of trust. Since Green Tree picked up this loan by assignment, it was not involved in the notarized signatures on the prom note and deed of trust. In fact, Green Tree might not even know how to recognize a promissory note and deed of trust nor understand the instruments even though these pieces of paper are the basis for its business. Because Green Tree has decided there are only 2 individuals noted on the note and deed of trust — because that’s what Green Tree’s incorrect records tell Green Tree.

Never mind that I sent Green Tree a copy of the deed of trust showing that all four individuals have signed it. The evidence is in front of their faces. Nope, Green Tree has demanded a new package, new hardship letter and all new documents signed by only 2 people. You might be asking what’s the harm in that? Well, the harm is Green Tree is not the lender. Green Tree is the servicer of this loan. The lender is Fannie Mae, making this a Fannie Mae short sale. And when Fannie Mae sees there are only 2 people who have signed everything, Fannie Mae will kick out this short sale package and reject it. Green Tree has refused to send the file to Fannie Mae unless we submit it with only 2 individuals. Do you see the problem?

We have talked to the negotiator and the negotiator’s supervisor. They both have demanded that we submit a package that will be rejected by Fannie Mae for being incomplete. Makes one want to grab Green Tree employees by their shoulders and shake these people.

I’m just a Sacramento short sale agent. Why am I having to explain to Green Tree who their borrowers are? Why doesn’t Green Tree employ people who can reason and think? The only way to remove a borrower from a mortgage, apart from death — which, believe it or not doesn’t do it either — is to refinance that mortgage or pay it off, neither of which has happened.

Today we will contact Fannie Mae and report this problem at Green Tree, in addition to contacting the supervisor’s supervisor at Green Tree. Somewhere, there is intelligent life in this universe.

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