The Butterfly Effect on a Sacramento Short Sale

The Butterfly EffectI received approval yesterday on a short sale in Roseville, and it was a long time coming. This was one of those deals in which the bank refused to believe that the seller had a hardship and we had to approach it from a different direction. This attitude is what separates this particular Sacramento short sale agent from other short sale agents in Sacramento, among other characteristics. When I believe in a transaction, I will fight it to the death, and I’m not talking about my demise or my sellers’.

See, I realize that the seller is typically right. If the seller has a hardship, the seller has a hardship. If the bank doesn’t agree, it’s because the information has not been either received by the bank or was interpreted incorrectly by the bank. Sometimes, it’s as Paul Newman put it: a failure to communicate. Just because the bank said no is no reason to give up. Especially if the seller has a case, and a documented case at that. Sometimes, you can change one little thing and it alters the entire outcome.

Now, you may not be a fan of Ray Bradbury, but a science fiction story he published on the day I was born pops into my head. The story is A Sound of Thunder, and over the years it’s been referred to as the Butterfly Effect — about a guy who goes back in time to kill a beast and royally screws up. The hunter is warned not to step foot off the path lest he change history. As these stories go, the hunter did indeed step off the path and he squashed a butterfly, which explained why history was altered upon his return. It was a different world. Some words had vanished, people behaved oddly and there was some new guy in office at the White House.

And that’s what can happen in a short sale. The Butterfly Effect. You’re not going to take Fox News off the air, but you can go back in time and rewrite a hardship letter or submit missing documents, and you can start over. You can change the outcome by fixing a mistake. You do not, I should point out, “start over again,” as that would be redundant. You only start over. If you say start over again to me I will want to whack your head with a ruler and scream at you about whether your slept through your English classes, but I will refrain. Because I know you did.

However, if you’re a seller in the Sacramento area who needs to do a short sale, call this Sacramento short sale agent, and I will do my best to close it for you. I am not agent who simply lists short sales. I am a Sacramento short sale agent who is hell bent on closing short sales.

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