Sacramento Short Sales are Like Snowflakes

sacramento short salesYou can do all of the research in the world online and still come up with the wrong answer about a Sacramento short sale. That’s because no two short sales are identical. Short sales are like snowflakes. Each is different from each other. Sure, you can try to categorize them and say, oh, a Bank of America FHA short sale is so bad it makes you beg for a bullet between the eyes to put you out of your misery, but that wouldn’t necessarily be true. Sometimes, you might trade having your guts stomped on by King Kong.

Yet, this Sacramento short sale agent continues to list B of A FHA short sales because I am an optimist. I’m one of those glass-half-full people, and I especially am happy if it’s half-full of champagne. I toast you Bank of America, for your FHA short sales and the opportunity it presents for you to overcome this monster of an obstacle.

So, while you can partially classify a short sale by the bank and the investor, the condition of the property, location and appeal of the home in Sacramento, and the seller’s particular hardship all play an important role in the short sale. You can tweak any one of those factors and conditions, and it will change the outcome of your short sale. Throw into the mix a second loan, a Fannie Mae investor and any kind of financing that was not purchase money, and flip that switch on the blender — turn it up high, so high that the contents blow off the lid and that icky, gooey mess hits the ceiling and drips back in your face. How does it taste? Yuck is right.

Here is what some Sacramento short sale sellers will hear this month: It’s OK that the buyer walked because we’ll find another. Yes, it looks like some little thugs and thugettes ripped out the AC unit in the yard. Fannie Mae wants a higher price than an appraisal will support. But a good Sacramento short sale agent will persevere, soldier on, and drag that short sale kicking and screaming to the closing table.

The moral of this story is if you have a question about your short sale, you should ask your Sacramento short sale agent. Don’t go looking for answers online because what you will find is somebody else’s nightmare, and you probably won’t stumble upon your own situation. Each short sale is different. Unique. It is a snowflake.

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