Bank of America FHA Short Sale Approved

bank of america fha short saleWow, a Bank of America FHA short sale started in December of last year finally closed escrow in November. It took 11 months to close the sale of this Rancho Cordova home. And this was an escrow in which the seller hired and paid a lawyer to negotiate. They did this before they called me. I was hired solely to sell the short sale, not to negotiate, which is a little odd but OK. I do whatever my clients want.

A representative from the Sacramento law firm called the Bank of America negotiator at one point almost every single day. It’s not just a Sacramento short sale agent who struggles with the B of A FHA Short sale processes. Lawyers can fare even worse.

I’ll tell you who has the hardest job in all of this. It’s the buyer’s agent. It’s that Sacramento buyer’s agent who is saddled with the job of having to call that potential homeowner every week or so to explain what’s going on. These agents have to give plausible reasons for the delay yet continue to build hope in their client’s heart. It’s not an easy job by any stretch. Half the time the buyer’s agents don’t know what’s going on because nobody tells them anything. They are not allowed to talk to the short sale bank.

I understand how difficult that job is, and that’s one of the reasons I post my updates online. Yeah, right on my website, you can read Sacramento short sale updates. Buyer’s agents and their buyers can access daily updates. Each property is identified by the street name without the house number. No personal information of either the seller nor the buyer is divulged. It’s mostly actions committed by and requested by the bank so all parties to the transaction can monitor the movement. My Sacramento short sales do not fall into a black hole. Anybody and their Uncle Joe can see that I am constantly on top of my short sales. I am held accountable for my actions.

Which is more than one can say about Bank of America and its FHA short sales. Unfortunately.

You see, there is nothing that I can really do about a Bank of America FHA short sale. Especially when I am not negotiating it. I am not an agent who farms out her negotiations to another short sale negotiator. I care about my clients too much to do that. (Although, sometimes it is necessary to bring in a lawyer, but that’s rare.) I do my own work. I am hands on. As a result, I have learned that I can lessen the damage, the heartbreak, the disappointments by not putting that short sale on the market until we have the Approval to Participate from FHA. That’s the only way I have found to shorten the 8- to 12-month wait for approval on an FHA short sale at Bank of America. After receiving the Approval to Participate, that wait is only 4 to 6 months, and that’s not half as bad.

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