Another Chase HELOC Short Sale Closes in Spite of Chase Bank

Chase Short SalesI wrote about a Chase HELOC short sale earlier this spring that was messed up 10 ways from Sunday by Chase, yet due to sheer determination and copious amounts of perspiration, and in spite of the ineptness of Chase’s HELOC short sale department, I got it closed. (I can hear my dead mother in my head whispering: women don’t sweat, we perspire.) In that blog, I described Chase Bank as ambling along “like a fat walrus after a big lunch drooling fish guts down its chin,” and that perspective hasn’t changed one iota.

It’s not like we don’t have enough other distractions as a Sacramento short sale agent that we need to pile more crap on our plate by throwing the completely abysmal methods Chase Bank, as a junior lender, employs on top of it. But you get what you get in Sacramento short sales.

We can’t always choose our dancing partners, and I would not put a short sale seller through more misery by turning down her short sale simply because she has a second mortgage with Chase Bank. That would be ridiculously unfair to the poor seller to be penalized in that manner. But I’m not saying other agents won’t refuse because they might. Especially if they have a lick of sense in their heads, unlike this glutton for punishment of a short sale REALTOR .

When I think back to when this short sale began, I was kicking my toes in the sand at South Beach, strolling along the water’s edge with my husband during our winter vacation last December, when my phone rang. I dug into my cute little Kate Spade wristlet a client gave me as a closing gift and pulled out my phone. Like I said, I’m a glutton for punishment. What other kind of moron would answer her cell on vacation like this?

I assured the caller I could handle her short sale when I got back to Sacramento in January, snatched a pen from my husband whom, as a gritty journalist, I can always count on to carry a pen even while we’re on the beach shooting photos of brightly colored umbrellas with a beach-ball blindingly brilliant blue sky on the horizon, to write down her information.

We closed this short sale this week, 7 months later. But not before we weeded through a lot of difficult buyers and a break-in by thugs that resulted in the theft of all of the built-in appliances, which required additional security methods much to the chagrin of the out-of-area sellers. Even though we sent all of the paperwork to both banks, Wells Fargo gave us turnaround in 4 weeks, but Chase chugged on. Escalations help somewhat but the fact is Chase HELOC seems to remain a Neanderthal when processing a short sale.

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