A Sacramento Short Sale Can Stress Even a Cat

Sacramento-short-sale-catHas your Sacramento short sale situation stressed out the cat yet? Cats are such delicate creatures. Oh, they put on a big act, like they are all tough and everything, ready to tackle any challenge or fishy treat tossed in their direction, but underneath, they are mush. They can be traumatized, and a short sale could do it to them. Cats are able to sense stuff. Don’t ask me how but cats know when you’re coming home, even if it’s not at the same time every day. If a cat was lost in Seattle, he could probably find his way back to Sacramento. A cat is capable of amazing things.

Our cat, Pica, tried to runaway from home once. He forgot to pack his catnip in a red scarf and tie it to a stick. Instead, he spied a door that was ajar and he slipped out. Pushed it open and split. Free, free at last in the back yard. He was petrified and spent the night in the bushes under our Japanese maple. Ever since then he’s been on Prozac. Only in California, I suspect, would a cat be given a prescription for Prozac. I tried to wean him off it once but he climbed up on the kitchen table and soaked the newspapers. A fine tribute to the Sacramento Bee. Tsk. He now has to take Prozac the rest of his life.

Our pharmacy called yesterday. I don’t know why since I order his Prozac online. But Walgreens called and my husband answered the phone. Our cat’s name is pronounced PIKE-ah. Like pica and points in newsprint. The Walgreen’s clerk asked: Is Peeka Weintraub home? That question was a bit confusing for a few seconds, as was the fact that our home telephone actually RANG with a caller on the other end. My husband answered, Yes, he is. The clerk asked: Can Peeka come to the phone?

Why no, he cannot. Because he is a cat.

The clerk didn’t seem to be listening. She asked again if she could talk with Peeka Weintraub, and my husband explained again that he cannot come to the phone because he is a CAT.

Well, his prescription is ready.

This is what talking to a short sale negotiator at the bank is like. My husband doesn’t have as much patience as I do. That’s why I make a great Sacramento short sale agent. I’m used to such nonsense. I’ve been selling short sales for 8 years now, and I probably sell more short sales than any other agent in the Sacramento area, from Lincoln to Galt. If you’re looking for a Sacramento short sale agent, call Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759. Your cat will be happy to release the stress.

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