A Bank of America HAFA Short Sale Broke the Record

It’s too bad this isn’t Talk Like a Pirate Day because I’d like to say shiver me timbers — I got a Bank of America HAFA short sale approved in fewer than 6 weeks. None of this year-long craziness with 25 HUDs. Start to finish, from the day Bank of America mailed out the paperwork to the day we received the short sale approval letter for the buyers of that Hollywood Park short sale. How did this happen? Did the Sacramento River open up and part? Did a lightning bolt slap the Sacramento Capitol? And more important, how can this Sacramento short sale agent make that happen again? Over and over?

Because I did the same things I always do. I reviewed all of the paperwork upfront for the short sale, which is an extremely important component some short sale agents miss. We discussed the hardship letter in detail. I immediately turned around the revised HUD and Terms of Sale. I wasted no time in uploading the short sale offer and responding to the counter in Equator. I did my job as usual, including selling that home in record time. So what was different this time that I didn’t want to poke out my eyes with a stick?

It wasn’t a true HAFA, now that I stop to think about it. Oh, yeah, the tenants are getting a check for $3,000, but the seller is also getting some money. The seller is getting more money than the tenants. I’m calling it a hybrid short sale — a combination HAFA short sale and HIN Incentive — which is like a Cooperative Short Sale but it’s not. That’s the best explanation. But not the only explanation.

The other part is the third-party vendor for Bank of America wasn’t one of my usual assignments. There’s an entire smorgasbord of acronym vendors who handle the HAFA and Cooperative Short Sales for Bank of America. Definitely was not one of those. It was Service Link. I’ve worked with Service Link in the past, and they are so responsive. It’s almost like they were raised on another planet.

The guys at Service Link are trained. They are professional. They know how to communicate. They do what they say they are going to do. In short, they must be German. They do their job efficiently. And they do it remarkably well, especially in comparison to those other guys.

I’m still slapping my face to wake up. Six weeks, start to finish, for a Bank of America HAFA short sale. I feel like admitting, yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

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