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Time Change Fall Back In Sacramento 2019

Time Change Fall Back In Sacramento 2019

The time change fall-back in Sacramento 2019 started like any other day. I got up and made my coffee. I grabbed two dog bones and went outside to put my German Shepherds out in their play yard for the day. Daylight saving time ended today, Sunday, November 3, at 2:00 a.m. We gained an hour of sleep, which is always welcome. Sleep is a time for recharging our batteries and who doesn’t need that?

I woke up so early and thought well might as well get an early start. My smartphone had the correct time, of course, so I never gave it a thought. When I sat down at my computer to begin my day, I looked up and my wall clock, it was showing an hour later. Ah, I thought better to set that clock back now, or I’ll be showing up an hour early for appointments. read more

Is October the Time to Sell Sacramento Homes?

Is October the Time to Sell Sacramento Homes?

Is October the time to sell Sacramento homes? It is good weather, and historically a good time as there is less competition and buyers are out looking before the holidays. So is October the time to sell Sacramento homes? Yes, it sure is for Sacramento. We have six offers on one listing and two offers on another. Many of our other listings are having solid showings.

Home sales happen year-round on desireable, affordable and high demand properties. To sell your property call Weintraub & Wallace Realtors with RE/MAX Gold in Sacramento and Elk Grove. We work in several counties so call us today at 916-233-6759. read more

September 2019 Homes For Sale, Sold And Pended

September 2019 Homes For Sale, Sold And Pended

The September 2019 Sacramento homes for sale, sold and pended graph above shows some trends to keep in mind this fall. The pendings are higher than they have been all year. Inventory has stayed close over the last six months. Closings were a little down, but that could be longer duration escrows. The September closed sales numbers will answer if this is relevant.

Inventory is significantly lower than a year ago. There does not seem to be an impression that pricing is going down in Sacramento as demand is high and inventory is down. Buyers write your highest and best offer, or you may not be in a home this fall. September 2019 Sacramento homes for sale, sold and pended shows a continuing seller’s market. Pendings show trending up for the last 90 days. read more

Hello Sacramento Summer

Sacramento Summer

Hello, Sacramento summer and temps of 95 degrees plus. The heat is upon us. Keeping animals watered and plants hydrated as well as our drinking water every hour is so important. Working outdoors in the heat today I started feeling very tired with a serious lack of energy. I realized I was dehydrated so I immediately stopped at the store and bought a couple of bottles of water and began to drink. Within 30 minutes I felt like my old self.

Sacramento is known for hot temperatures thank goodness the evenings include delta breezes. The hot temperatures did not stop open house traffic. We had 3 team open houses today and all had good traffic, over 50 groups. 95 degrees buyers are still out looking. Dedicated home shoppers will look no matter what the temperature. When we say hello Sacramento summer that means good news as this signals home-buying season. read more

Rural Real Estate Pricing Is Anything But Cookie Cutter.

Rural Real Estate

Rural real estate pricing is anything but cookie cutter. There is a wide range of pricing as the country property is mostly custom homes. There is an HOA in one rural real estate subdivision in south county, that feels like a neighborhood. Lot size can vary greatly. There is little price difference between 5-10 acres.

The size of the main home and the number of additional residences and outbuildings has an influence on the final price. Set up for animals on a property has a direct impact on buyers. There is an extensive amount of work and analysis to price properly. read more

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