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Why Sacramento Home Inspectors Note Petty Items in Reports

sacramento home inspectors

Sacramento home inspectors go out of their way to find defects, big and small.

When Sacramento home inspectors note petty items in reports, it is not their fault. The purpose of the inspection is thoroughness. They are also not trying to upset home sellers, but they often do. I don’t know why they can’t send home inspectors to an English class to learn ways to present findings in an easy-to-understand manner. Some just grunt and don’t write any words. They instead check boxes. The horrible boxes are always a scary red, too. Meant to instill fear in the heart of any buyer reading it. read more

Does a Sacramento Seller Need to Do Home Inspection Repairs?

home inspection repairs

Telling sellers they do not have to perform home inspection repairs can fall on deaf ears.

When I send home inspection repairs and findings to a seller, it is for the seller’s records only. I tell them this. But still, some home sellers react in unexpected ways. Some sellers take the home inspection very personally. They want to call the home inspector and chew off his ear. (For some reason, more men than women opt to become a home inspector.) Sellers find the composition of the report offensive. Many don’t like the “repair” or red flags noted.

Often, these are the very sellers who tell me at the time of listing that there is nothing wrong with their home. In their mind, they have the perfectly maintained home. I chuckle to myself because I know better. But I don’t argue with them. It’s not always so much that there is a lot of stuff wrong as it is buyers may feel as though they paid all this money for a home inspection, there better be some actual discoveries. Otherwise, why did they pay $450 for nothing? read more

Why Does an Agent Prepare an Agent Visual Inspection?

agent visual inspection

All real estate agents should prepare an a thorough agent visual inspection.

Agents who don’t prepare an agent visual inspection deserve what they get. For many real estate agents working in Sacramento today, the 1984 case of Easton v. Strassburger is nothing but a legal phrase they recall from a real estate exam and meaningless to them today. Since I had already been working for years in real estate when the California court of appeal ruled on this legendary case, the ramifications of Easton v. Strassburger struck fear in my heart and it’s never left. This landmark lawsuit changed the way I forever since have done business. read more

3 Best Home Inspection Tips for Sellers in Sacramento

home inspection tips

These home inspection tips for sellers will help you to prepare.

Some of the reasons I would write about home inspection tips for sellers in Sacramento are to a) help out the real estate reader who visits my website, and to b) supply timely information for other agents, but it’s also to c) provide a link to content that I can send to my own sellers. Triple duty blogs, I call them, that keep on providing information and tips to Sacramento sellers long after they are published. Hey, it’s not like I’m leaking classified information to the Russians like some idiot we wish we did not have to hear about. read more

The Problems With California Home Inspector Inspections in Sacramento

california home inspector

We can raise the bar for a California home inspector through licensing or certification.

Part of the difficulty with California home inspector inspections can be traced to why in the world are home inspectors not licensed in California? Yesterday, I wrote a blog about Why There is No Such Thing as a Licensed Home Inspector in California, and in researching this crazy phenomenon, I stumbled across a bill that never reached a vote in the California Legislature. I’m talking about AB 1118, introduced to the 2009-2010 California Legislature by Assembly Member Mary Hayashi. Yes, the same Hayashi whose embarrassing 2012 shopping trip to Neiman Marcus was all over the news for a while. read more

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