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Two Fixer Houses on a Lot in Citrus Heights

two fixer houses on a lot in Citrus Heights

What is not to love about marketing two fixer houses on a lot in Citrus Heights? There is a certain amount of freedom that is inherent for a Sacramento listing agent to sell two fixer houses on a lot. For one thing, I’m fairly confident nobody will complain about a photograph of a burned-out kitchen. Yes, I can throw that photo of the view through the second floor of the kitchen sink with abandon into MLS. Leave no stone unturned. Every bad thing about these houses is marketing GOLD. No mincing of words. Embellishing never crosses my mind. The worse I make it appear, the more investors, flippers and contractors drool over it. read more

Should You Buy a Mini Split System in Sacramento?

buy a mini split system in sacramento

Working primarily with sellers, I had not heard much about whether buyers should buy a mini split system in Sacramento. Why would I? Probably because most of the homes that I sell in Sacramento have central air conditioning systems already installed. Understandably, it is super difficult to be comfortable during our hot Sacramento summers without air conditioning.

I know, I know, back in caveman days we didn’t have AC when I was growing up. We danced through the sprinklers fully clothed or went to the lake to go swimming. Only rich people and Dayton’s department store on 7th and Nicollet could afford the luxury of central air. read more

Home Buyers Not Looking for Home Improvement Projects

home improvement projects

Just because you and I may love tackling home improvement projects does not mean everybody shares our point of view. Especially not first-time home buyers in Sacramento or, for that matter, even move-up buyers. Today’s home buyers want move-in ready homes. They do not want to make repairs. Gone are the days of buying a resale home in average condition. There are two instances under which a buyer would purchase a home in average condition. Either the home is priced way below market value, making it an absolute steal, or wait . . . there is no second reason. read more

Tips When Selling a Home and Reviewing Offers on a Future Date

review offers on a future dateAlthough I am pretty much against reviewing offers on a future date when selling a home in Sacramento, there are circumstances when it makes sense. Sometimes I see listings that read “we will look at all offers next Friday.” Then Friday comes and goes and there are no offers. Now everybody knows that seller’s angle. They have the seller’s number. Exposed hand dealt. And sellers might pay for that arrogance.

The other drawback to reviewing offers on a future date is the fact sellers will eliminate buyers from trying to buy their home. From the seller’s point of view, if a buyer is interested, it doesn’t matter. But that’s because sellers often try to judge the situation from a seller’s point of view instead of a buyer’s point of view. They say to themselves, “well, if I were a buyer, I wouldn’t care.” But they don’t know that to be fact. They simply wish it to be fact. read more

Fixer Home in East Sacramento Closes Escrow After Two Cancellations

new east sacramento listing

The seller of this fixer home in East Sacramento had asked me what kind of things a buyer might ask him to fix and what could go wrong with a sale. This guy lives on the other side of the country and has been through a devastating situation. Imagine just about the worst thing that could happen to a person, and it happened to him, twice. On top of which, he later had to undergo emergency surgery in the middle of escrow, which will take a long time for recovery. He is still not out of the woods by a long shot, yet he exhibits incredible strength. read more

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