Will a Praying Mantis Bring You Good Luck?

praying mantis

While visiting an open house on Big Island, I noticed this praying mantis, which are supposed to bring good luck. He sat on a ledge and did not move, even though I walked by him several times. Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore so I whipped out my phone to shoot a photograph. It could be an excuse to rest as well because I had just climbed three flights of stairs, while my friend carted her dog and panted her way up. This is how determined we can be to see an open house.

Since I do not sell real estate in Hawaii, only in Sacramento and neighboring cities in California, it’s kind of fun to attend open houses here. My friend and I immediately stop whenever we spot an open house sign. It’s a sickness, I know, we can’t help ourselves.

Did you know a praying mantis’ life span is only about a year? Or that they have five eyes, two big eyes with 3 little eyes in between? Sometimes, during mating, the female praying mantis will kill and eat the male. But the male says it is was totally worth it. So dope. I’ve had a few ex-husbands express similar sentiments.

After I spotted the praying mantis, we entered the open house on the third floor of a condo building. Now, I am not looking to buy a condo; you can relax, Adam. Just enjoy looking. No sooner did we walk into the living room than a woman came around the corner and introduced herself as “the seller.”

I stared at her. Jackie?? What a small world. Yes, it was Jackie from Statements who helped me to buy much of the furnishings for our house in Hawaii from my home office in Sacramento several years ago. She was a tremendous help. So fabulous that I returned to Statements Furniture to buy even more stuff for the house. She has to move out of state, due to unforeseen circumstances, which in her case means sell her condo and leave the island. That is sad for her.

Hope that praying mantis brings her luck. It brought me luck because on the way out; I discovered the elevator.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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