Why the Cellphone Family Plan Totally Sucks

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A paddleboarder in Ka’anapali Beach doesn’t need the family plan.

Cellphone gods and ISP companies all want you to be on the “cellphone family plan” so you can add family members and friends and stay in touch. It’s such a marketing ploy. If you need to rely on technology, why on god’s green earth would you put all your eggs into the same damn basket? It makes no sense to do a “family plan.”

I have preached this philosophy until the cows come home but to some people, they can’t get past the motto “family matters,” and see, that’s where they get ya. For starters, family always matters. If you have to remind people, that’s beyond the normal scheme of things. If you need to use your family as an excuse as to why you can’t live up to expectations, that’s your own problem, and I’m tired of hearing that as well. Aren’t you?

Of course our family matters. But so do our friends. So does our livelihood. Where one ends and another starts is blurred. Anybody who doesn’t see that has difficulty with other curve balls thrown at them. I’m so tired of family plans that I’d like to puke on those plans.

I’ll tell you what I do, and you can do your own thing, as you invariably will. I have a different cellphone provider for my cellphone than my other phone lines. It is also not the same provider as my husband has for his cellphone. Not only that, but I utilize a completely different cellphone carrier for my iPad.

You know what this means? When I travel, maybe my cellphone carrier isn’t the best coverage where I am, and I can use my husband’s cell. Or maybe my iPad will come in handy as a hotspot. You guys have to start thinking about this when you travel. Because WiFi is not what it used to be.

There are many places where hotels offer WiFI but the network is overloaded, like in Ka’anapali Beach, and it’s only getting worse. Onboard Crystal Cruises in the penthouse suite in Spain last summer, WiFI was completely unreliable. No satellite and too many people. You can’t get on WiFi if your life depended on it  for any period of time. If you’re a Sacramento Realtor and need the Internet, you need a variety of ISP providers at your disposal. You need multiple hotspots.

You only get so much GB with your ISP. At least with multiple providers, I can spread it out. I’ve only been in Ka’anapali a week, and I’ve already used my entire 3 GB with T-Mobile. Thank god I’m not on the f-ing family plan. Trust me, no client wants to hear, I’m sorry, my WiFi isn’t working.

Why the Cellphone Family Plan Totally Sucks

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