Why Buyers Should Hand Pick a Sacramento Buyer’s Agent

pick a sacramento buyer's agentWe’ve heard all the silly reasons why buyers don’t believe they should pick a Sacramento buyer’s agent, and those are not valid reasons. Ninety-nine percent of the time, buyers are better off sticking with their own representation to buy a house in Sacramento. Because they don’t know the real estate business from the inside out. Which means they sometimes resist the concept and do not want to pick a Sacramento buyer’s agent. If they truly understood how Sacramento real estate works, they would be clamoring for an agent to assist.

Instead, they think they can go to the listing agent. Or worse, I’ve heard buyers tell agents that yes, if they buy the house, they will use the agent who showed it to them. But they don’t know why they should pick a Sacramento buyer’s agent. They’d like to use any warm body who is available to open a door. And therein lies a major mistake on the part of home buyers. In today’s world, buyers with representation get better service, better protection and better negotiation over the any-warm-body-will-do mentality. Because choosing any warm body is more likely to mess you up than to offer service. There are thousands of warm bodies who are licensed to sell real estate in Sacramento, and most of those have little to no experience.

Let’s talk about going to the listing agent. I know what buyers are thinking. Buyers wrongly believe the listing agent will be so utterly greedy that she will do whatever is necessary to double-end the transaction (earn twice the commission), even if it means breaking fiduciary. Part of me wants to ask why would a buyer want to hire an unethical greedy agent to commit this crime for them? It is a crime. It is against the law to break fiduciary. When presented with a legal way to buy a house and a way that could get you sued by working with an unethical agent at best and criminal element at worst, why? Why take that risk? Why wouldn’t you want to instead hire the best negotiator you can get?

It doesn’t cost a buyer anything to hire a Sacramento buyer’s agent. Exclusive buyer’s agents represent buyers as their sole business model. Imagine how beneficial an exclusive buyer’s agent can be with all of that specialized experience? No distractions. They only represent buyers. No sellers. Imagine that wealth of knowledge and experience?

Of course, some buyer’s agents create bad experiences for buyers, I understand that. They don’t communicate well, don’t stay on top of new listings and rarely put the buyer’s interests above their own. However, a top notch exclusive buyer’s agent, especially from the Elizabeth Weintraub Team, is always on the ball. If you’re in the market to pick a Sacramento buyer’s agent, you may as well pick one of the best. We insist on fast communication, and we will email, text or call you immediately. Our clients receive top priority in our daily activities. You will never wonder what is the next step because we are already 3 steps ahead of you.

Go ahead and give us a try. You’ll be writing a 5-star review for us when escrow closes. To get started, call top producer Elizabeth Weintraub at 916.233.6759 for your personal consultation.

Elizabeth Weintraub


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