Who Will Buy My Home in Sacramento?

It doesn’t matter where you live in Sacramento, there is a buyer for your home. Every Sacramento real estate agent knows this fact but sellers aren’t always certain. Home sellers often worry that their home will not sell. It’s their biggest fear. It’s even a bigger fear when that home needs to be sold as a short sale over a traditional sale, but every home in Sacramento has a buyer waiting somewhere to buy it. I guarantee it.

How can I be so overly confident? Because I’ve been in the real estate business for more years than I care to admit, and I’ve never yet found a home that somebody, somewhere would not buy. Never said to myself that I can’t sell this. It’s just not a possibility. That attitude does not exist.

Now, that’s not to say a home seller can’t help the process along because he or she absolutely can. There are small improvements that can be made to help sell. Often tiny things. Ask your agent. It helps to start by sitting or standing in each room and looking at it. Clear out the noise and the distractions. Focus on the room and the view to the room. Think about how it makes you feel. Is there anything irritating about it? Are there things you love about it? The secret? Get rid of the irritation and accentuate the love.

When I talk to sellers about listing a Sacramento home for sale, I ask why they bought it. I also want to know why they are selling. I might come across as a nosey real estate agent but that information helps me to do my job. For example, I had couple of sellers in Elk Grove tell me that they bought their home because they were standing in front of the door to the pool area in the family room doing a 360. As they spun, they grabbed each other in excitement because they could not believe that they could afford to buy this home. I asked them to show me the exact spot where they were spinning when this happened.

During the open house, I found myself talking to a young couple. This would be their first home. They definitely wanted to buy a pool home. I took their hands and said: Come with me. I positioned them in the spot where the present owners had stood on the day they decided to buy. I said to them, turning in a circle and holding out my arms: Can you believe that you can afford to buy this home? And I reaffirmed it. Yes, you can buy this home. It is true. Believe it.

And you know what? They bought it.

They bought it because the buyer for your home is a person just like you.

Who Will Buy My Home in Sacramento?

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