Who Texted a Google Verification Code From Craigslist?

google verification code craigslist

All right, are you wondering who texted a Google Verification Code from Craigslist to you? I know, I know, Craigslist is a hot bed of illegal activity, and you have to be doubly careful every time you go there to make sure you don’t get snookered or scammed. Still, there are times you need to use Craigslist. If this is one of those times for you, then listen up to what can happen if somebody texted a Google Verification Code from Craigslist to you.

First, don’t reply to such a person. I received a couple of those text messages all at once, the minute I posted an ad on Craigslist. I receive Google Verification Codes all the time but have never been asked to provide such a code in a text message from a stranger. What they both said was they wanted to verify that I was a real person. I know better, yes, I do. But it was over so fast I didn’t blink.

Then I had to immediately close out my existing account on Craigslist, change my email and password, and also go over to Google to change my information there. After I sent the Google Verification Code and the first supposed buyer told me it was “wrong” and to hurry up and send the correct code, I became suspicious. There is no reason to get a Google Verification Code from Craigslist advertising unless the sender is a scammer.

What they try to do is pair your phone number with your Google account and open other accounts with that information. So word to the wise is don’t ever respond to a Google Verification Code from Craigslist “buyers.” If you do, then immediately change your account information, including all passwords on both Craigslist and Google.

I reported the two phone numbers I received this request from to the FBI. The VoIP phone numbers, just fyi, were 859-287-4725 and 786-588-2845.

Elizabeth Weintraub

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